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Are you interested in working full-time in the pro-life movement? Do you want to dedicate your professional skills to ending abortion in our lifetime? If you feel called to fight for the women and children most affected by the abortion industry, review the following open positions and consider applying!

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  • North Carolina Campaign Intern
  • Michigan Campaign Intern
  • Illinois Campaign Intern
  • Virginia Campaign Intern
  • Kansas Campaign Intern
  • Arizona Campaign Intern
  • Accounting Manager
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Producer / Videographer
  • Young Professionals for Life Coordinator *NOTE: Must be willing to support raise*
  • Program Assistant
  • Campus Activist ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • High School Mentor ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • Deputy Director at Democrats for Life of America
  • Director of Government Affairs
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Client Services Assistant
  • Rapid Response Coordinator
  • Part-Time Digital Communications Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Statewide Pro-Life Activities Coordinator
  • Call Center Helpline Responder
  • Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • State Chapter Development Director
  • Wensite Content Developer
  • Graphics Director
  • Social Media Director
  • Board of Directors, Democrats for Life
  • President & CEO
  • Executive Director
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sidewalk Advocate Intern
  • Social Media Associate
  • Lifechoice Internship
  • Client Care Specialist
  • Business Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • IT Manager
  • Maternity Home Houseparents
  • Staff Nurse
  • Client Advocate
  • Full-Time Development Officer
  • Development Coordinator
  • Mobile Unit Coordinator
  • Wisconsin Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Texas Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Pennsylvania Pro-Life Field Representative
  • North Carolina Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Montana Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Michigan Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Florida Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Arizona Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Development Assistant
  • Social Media Organic Developer
  • Creative Writer
  • Sidewalk Outreach Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Center Director
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Communication Internships
  • SBA List Internships
  • Advisor to the President
  • Logistics Support
  • Camera Operator/Lighting Technician/Editor/IT
  • Social Media Manager/Comments Moderator
  • Course Coach
  • Speakers/Writers/Philosophers
  • Development Director
  • Various Job Opportunities Through ADF
  • Various Job Opportunities through Heritage Foundation
  • Public Outreach Associate
  • Live Action Internship
  • Live Action Internship
  • Graphic Designer
  • Direct Marketing Copywriter
  • Brand Director
  • Content Producer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Major Gifts Officer
  • Young Professionals for Life Coordinator *NOTE: Must be willing to support raise*

    Organization: Protect Life Michigan
    Experience: Experience in pro-life apologetics and outreach is preferred
    Job Type: Educational

    Job Purpose
    The purpose of Young Professionals for Life (YPL) is to mobilize Young Professionals in Michigan to engage their communities in discussions on abortion and to support and mentor local pro-life high school clubs. This program will promote three realms of influence: Community outreach, student mentorship, and professional engagement. Young professionals will be equipped with pro-life training, mobilized for outreach in their communities, connected to local high school students to mentor, and given networking opportunities to further their influence on behalf of the unborn within their professional context.

    The YPL Coordinator carries out the mission of PLM by working directly with YPL chapters across the state. Working one-on-one and in small groups with the YPL Chapter Coordinators, the YPL Coordinator will facilitate the chapters’ success through mentorship, guidance, accountability, and collaboration. The YPL Coordinator reports to the High School Coordinator.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Recruit: The YPL Coordinator will assist Chapter Coordinators in creating and growing YPL chapters across Michigan.

    Examples of this include:
    Collaborate with Chapter Coordinators to help them develop and implement a recruitment strategy.
    Develop and circulate recruitment strategies and materials to all chapters.
    Assist PLM’s Event Planner in developing regional and statewide recruitment events.

    Equip: The YPL Coordinator will seek to equip pro-life young professionals to better reach their communities with the pro-life message in a loving and persuasive way.

    Examples of this include:
    Onboard new Chapter Coordinators
    Provide ongoing support and training for Chapter Coordinators
    Collaborate with Chapter Coordinators to assist them in equipping their entire Chapter in apologetics and outreach skills.

    Network: The YPL Coordinator will work to create an environment of collaboration and unity among pro-life professionals across the state.

    Examples of this include:
    Collaborate with Chapter Coordinators to help them develop their local networks.
    Facilitate a statewide network through events and virtual communication.
    Assist YPL chapters in connecting with local Protect Life high school clubs.


    Qualifications include:
    Commitment to the pro-life movement and the mission of Protect Life Michigan.
    Ability to commit to joining the team for at least one year.
    A positive view of support-raising and/or fundraising.
    Ability to effectively communicate in person, and in writing, including public speaking.
    A positive attitude, attention to detail, and ability to organize effectively.
    Valid driver’s license and the ability to travel.
    Flexible work schedule, and the ability to work nights/weekends as necessary.
    Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Applications.
    Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently and productively.
    Must be able to pass a background check.
    Experience in a high school or college pro-life group is preferred.


    Protect Michigan is a support-raising organization. The salary and all expenses associated with this position will be fundraised by the candidate. Protect Life Michigan will provide training and coaching in order to help the candidate reach full support. We have an excellent track record of helping job candidates reach full support. All applicants must be supportive of this approach and open to engaging in it.
    Salary and benefits determined by the needs of the individual, commensurate with education and experience.
    Ample paid vacation time, holidays and sick days.
    Flexible schedule and ability to work from home.

    If interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and references to Rebecca Cooper at

    State: Michigan

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