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Are you interested in working full-time in the pro-life movement? Do you want to dedicate your professional skills to ending abortion in our lifetime? If you feel called to fight for the women and children most affected by the abortion industry, review the following open positions and consider applying!

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  • North Carolina Campaign Intern
  • Michigan Campaign Intern
  • Illinois Campaign Intern
  • Virginia Campaign Intern
  • Kansas Campaign Intern
  • Arizona Campaign Intern
  • Accounting Manager
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Producer / Videographer
  • Young Professionals for Life Coordinator *NOTE: Must be willing to support raise*
  • Program Assistant
  • Campus Activist ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • High School Mentor ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • Deputy Director at Democrats for Life of America
  • Director of Government Affairs
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Client Services Assistant
  • Rapid Response Coordinator
  • Part-Time Digital Communications Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Statewide Pro-Life Activities Coordinator
  • Call Center Helpline Responder
  • Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • State Chapter Development Director
  • Wensite Content Developer
  • Graphics Director
  • Social Media Director
  • Board of Directors, Democrats for Life
  • President & CEO
  • Executive Director
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sidewalk Advocate Intern
  • Social Media Associate
  • Lifechoice Internship
  • Client Care Specialist
  • Business Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • IT Manager
  • Maternity Home Houseparents
  • Staff Nurse
  • Client Advocate
  • Full-Time Development Officer
  • Development Coordinator
  • Mobile Unit Coordinator
  • Wisconsin Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Texas Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Pennsylvania Pro-Life Field Representative
  • North Carolina Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Montana Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Michigan Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Florida Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Arizona Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Development Assistant
  • Social Media Organic Developer
  • Creative Writer
  • Sidewalk Outreach Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Center Director
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Communication Internships
  • SBA List Internships
  • Advisor to the President
  • Logistics Support
  • Camera Operator/Lighting Technician/Editor/IT
  • Social Media Manager/Comments Moderator
  • Course Coach
  • Speakers/Writers/Philosophers
  • Development Director
  • Various Job Opportunities Through ADF
  • Various Job Opportunities through Heritage Foundation
  • Public Outreach Associate
  • Live Action Internship
  • Live Action Internship
  • Graphic Designer
  • Direct Marketing Copywriter
  • Brand Director
  • Content Producer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Major Gifts Officer
  • Director of Government Affairs

    Organization: Live Action
    Job Type: Political

    Reports to: Senior Editor and Legal Counsel (the “SELC“)

    Live Action’s Government Affairs Program (the “Program”) actively seeks to dismantle existing governmental funding sources for abortion providers throughout the United States, including funding through the Medicaid program. It further seeks to prevent new government funding sources from becoming available. The Program ultimately seeks to achieve full legal protections for preborn children and to expose the corruption and wrongdoing of abortion providers. To achieve these goals, the Program cultivates strategic relationships with government officials and pro-life leaders and utilizes Live Action’s educational content and investigative reporting to educate government officials. These strategies are aimed at reshaping the public conversation about abortion and preborn life and

    The Director of Government Affairs (the “Director”) manages the Program and develops a Program strategy. The Director is Live Action’s primary point of contact for elected and government officials and other policymakers (collectively, “key officials”). The Director represents Live Action in front of key officials, advises Live Action on the impact of proposed legislation and regulations, and determines an appropriate response. The Director may be required to speak publicly on behalf of Live Action to government officials, pro-life nonprofits or allied groups, or to the media.

    The Director’s Major Duties and Responsibilities:

    Cultivates: Cultivates strategic relationships with key officials, with an emphasis on federal government officials based in Washington D.C. Additionally cultivates strategic relationships with state and local officials, and pro-life leaders from allied and partner organizations. Identifies potential relationships, working groups, and alliances, in furtherance of the Program goals.
    Identifies, Analyzes & Recommends: Identifies and analyzes significant political and legal developments at the state and federal levels which impact the Program—including bills under consideration, regulatory changes, executive orders, major court decisions, and other governmental policies. Recommends the position Live Action should hold on these political developments, and identifies any means available to Live Action to advance a pro-life agenda of the Program.
    Communicates: Works closely with Live Action’s External Communications department, to develop a media strategy in furtherance of the Program goals. Serves as a Live Action spokesperson when necessary. May be requested to draft or review opinion pieces, press releases, social media copy, and/or newsbreaks for Live Action News. Communicates directly with elected and government officials and agencies, as directed.
    Advises Content Creators: Advises content creators and helps identify political developments that may impact or influence Live Action content—including social media, video, newsbreaks and investigative reports, and fundraising and marketing materials. Recommends potential calls to action for elected officials or government agencies in furtherance of the Program goals.
    Gathers Information: Stays informed of political developments impacting the pro-life movement, the abortion industry, and preborn lives. Identifies areas of legislative and political research, and assists in conducting polls and surveys.
    Maintains Data: Maintains up-to-date and accurate data to track the Program’s progress, including regular reports on all political developments, polling data, and contact lists for government officials and strategic partners.
    Informs: Reports to the SELC and provides regular, written briefs to key members of Live Action’s team on all political developments.
    Executes: Develops and executes a Program strategy, inclusive of a timeline and specific benchmarks for successful implementation.

    Dedicated to pro-life mission.
    Minimum of five (5) years of combined relevant experience working in legislative roles for elected officials, advocating on specific issues, working in government agencies, and building strategic partnerships.
    Understanding of 501(c)(3) rules concerning political campaigning, issue advocacy, and lobbying.
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    Strong problem solving capabilities.
    Bachelor’s (preferred).

    Lives and works in or around Washington D.C.
    Focuses on federal politics and D.C.-based relationships, with an eye toward developing a nationwide strategy to advance a pro-life agenda in all 50 states.
    Keeps a Monday to Friday schedule during normal business hours; occasional nights and weekends as needed.
    Maintains good working relationships with pro-life allies and partner organizations, and projects a favorable image of Live Action.
    Cultivates strategic relationships with key elected and government officials.
    Stays abreast of current politics and news, and the state of the pro-life movement.
    Seeks philosophical and professional formation as a pro-life leader through continuing education, and by utilizing sources made available by Live Action.
    Application Submission Process:

    Please submit a cover letter, work samples, and resume to: In the subject line, please write: Director of Government Affairs_(your last name). No phone calls, please.

    In your cover letter, please include your position on abortion (one to two paragraphs).

    All staff members are required to sign Live Action’s Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement.


    Live Action is dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life in America and beyond. We believe that every human life has intrinsic value and rights. We expose the truth about abortion and counter the misinformation campaign of the multi-billion dollar abortion industry and lobby. Today, we host the largest online presence for the pro-life movement, with millions of followers throughout the United States.

    State: Washington, D.C.
    Apply by email:

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