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Are you interested in working full-time in the pro-life movement? Do you want to dedicate your professional skills to ending abortion in our lifetime? If you feel called to fight for the women and children most affected by the abortion industry, review the following open positions and consider applying!

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  • North Carolina Campaign Intern
  • Michigan Campaign Intern
  • Illinois Campaign Intern
  • Virginia Campaign Intern
  • Kansas Campaign Intern
  • Arizona Campaign Intern
  • Accounting Manager
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Producer / Videographer
  • Young Professionals for Life Coordinator *NOTE: Must be willing to support raise*
  • Program Assistant
  • Campus Activist ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • High School Mentor ***NOTE: Must be willing to support raise***
  • Deputy Director at Democrats for Life of America
  • Director of Government Affairs
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Client Services Assistant
  • Rapid Response Coordinator
  • Part-Time Digital Communications Associate
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Statewide Pro-Life Activities Coordinator
  • Call Center Helpline Responder
  • Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • State Chapter Development Director
  • Wensite Content Developer
  • Graphics Director
  • Social Media Director
  • Board of Directors, Democrats for Life
  • President & CEO
  • Executive Director
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sidewalk Advocate Intern
  • Social Media Associate
  • Lifechoice Internship
  • Client Care Specialist
  • Business Assistant
  • HR Assistant
  • IT Manager
  • Maternity Home Houseparents
  • Staff Nurse
  • Client Advocate
  • Full-Time Development Officer
  • Development Coordinator
  • Mobile Unit Coordinator
  • Wisconsin Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Texas Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Pennsylvania Pro-Life Field Representative
  • North Carolina Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Montana Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Michigan Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Florida Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Arizona Pro-Life Field Representative
  • Development Assistant
  • Social Media Organic Developer
  • Creative Writer
  • Sidewalk Outreach Intern
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Center Director
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Communication Internships
  • SBA List Internships
  • Advisor to the President
  • Logistics Support
  • Camera Operator/Lighting Technician/Editor/IT
  • Social Media Manager/Comments Moderator
  • Course Coach
  • Speakers/Writers/Philosophers
  • Development Director
  • Various Job Opportunities Through ADF
  • Various Job Opportunities through Heritage Foundation
  • Public Outreach Associate
  • Live Action Internship
  • Live Action Internship
  • Graphic Designer
  • Direct Marketing Copywriter
  • Brand Director
  • Content Producer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Major Gifts Officer
  • Statewide Pro-Life Activities Coordinator

    Organization: Nebraska Catholic Conference
    Job Type:

    The Pro-Life Activities Coordinator assists the Executive Director (ED) and the Associate Director for Pro-Life and Family (AD) of the Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC) to unify and strengthen pro-life activities statewide across the three Catholic dioceses and their parishes.


    Executes the goal areas and strategies for pro-life activities according to the NCC’s three-year strategic plan.
    Regularly works and consults with the pro-life director for each Catholic diocese in Nebraska to collaborate and help execute pro-life activities across the state.
    Assists diocesan pro-life directors with recruiting, training, and maintaining pro-life coordinators for nearly 400 parishes.
    Develops relationships and collaborates with various Catholic parishes, organizations, diocesan offices, and other state and national pro-life organizations regarding “best practices” for pro-life activities and programming.
    Creates and distributes educational, prayer, and pastoral care materials for parish pro-life coordinators.
    Plans and coordinates various statewide pro-life events (e.g., annual Bishops’ Pro-Life Banquet and Conference, annual Pro-Life Mass).
    Updates and maintains a handbook for use by parish pro-life coordinators.
    Directs the statewide implementation of a post-abortion healing ministry.
    Speaks to various audiences on pro-life topics (e.g., abortion, euthanasia, biomedical issues).
    Partners with the Communications and Outreach Specialist to communicate with local, state, and national print and broadcast media on significant pro-life events.
    Assists the Associate Director of Pro-Life & Family Policy with certain pro-life legislative efforts pertaining to grassroots education and advocacy.
    Other duties, as assigned.

    Possesses the highest standards of ethics and integrity in accordance with Catholic teaching and tradition.
    Conversant in Catholic social teaching, especially as it relates to protecting the sanctity of human life.
    Working knowledge of the Catholic Church’s structures, functions, and institutions.
    Understanding of and experience in catechesis and evangelization.
    Excellent relationship building skills.
    Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills.
    Capacity to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
    Ability to meet deadlines and schedule and produce work in a timely manner.
    Possesses critical, creative, and innovative thinking skills.
    Demonstrated strength in planning and organizing.
    Demonstrated strength in decision-making and judgment.
    Willingness to travel throughout Nebraska.

    Bachelor’s degree.
    Experience in pro-life activities, catechesis/evangelization, or grassroots education and advocacy preferred.
    Possesses a valid driver’s license and maintains insurance coverage for personal vehicle.

    Submit Cover Letter and Résumé by Friday, September 25, to:

    Tom Venzor
    Executive Director
    Nebraska Catholic Conference

    State: Nebraska
    Apply by email:

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