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Are you interested in working full-time in the pro-life movement? Do you want to dedicate your professional skills to ending abortion in our lifetime? If you feel called to fight for the women and children most affected by the abortion industry, review the following open positions and consider applying!

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Social Media Manager/Comments Moderator

Organization: Equal Rights Institute
Job Type: Supportive

We would like to hire someone who can spend the time necessary to elevate our social media presence. Aspects of this role include scheduling frequent social media posts (our most common recurring posts are currently images with quotes from our training content and links to evergreen content) and interacting with commenters on both social media and the blog. Ideally, the person who fills this role will contribute ideas for brand development and content strategy for different media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). This person would either need to be trained in Photoshop or be willing to be trained in Photoshop, as they would also process the pictures taken at events. This is most likely a part-time job, so this position could be combined with another, such as the Course Coach or Logistics Support roles.


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