Starting a chapter in your city is easier than you think. In fact, before you go any further, we have written out 6 simple steps to get your Pro-Life Future chapter up and off the ground in no time.

  1. Contact the Pro-Life Future Director, Christina Coffman, at She will be with you every step of the way, providing you with the training, resources, and support needed to build a successful chapter.

  2. Form a leadership team. Reach out to your network of friends and acquaintances to form a core leadership team. Get interested leaders together and define your goals and vision, as well as officer roles. Complete the Pro-Life Future Constitution, Officer Agreement, and Community Profile Sheet. You should have 4 to 8 people on your leadership team. Then, you can start planning your first interest event to recruit more members (see step 5).

  3. Do the detail work. Set up a group email and social media presence and request your personalized business cards, logo, and banner from the Pro-Life Future Director. Additionally, you should start networking. Use the Community Profile to build relationships and partner with your community. Reach out to young professionals in your community to join your chapter.

  4. Brainstorm and plan your first six months. What events will you host or attend? How will you focus on abortion? Develop plans, goals, and objectives that will guide your chapter and show people who you are. You should plan your launch party at this meeting.

  5. Hold your first interest event. The goal is to engage as many young professionals and contacts as possible. For example, you can request a Pro-Life Apologetics Training and include an introduction to your chapter. Or you can organize an activism event like witnessing outside an abortion facility, then following it with a group lunch. There are many different types of events!

  6. Host a Launch Party! The Pro-Life Future Director will help you put together a launch party to celebrate your new chapter.

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Boston Boston Pro-Life Future hosts educational pro-life events and successfully counsel abortion minded women going into Planned Parenthood to choose life.
- Boston, MA -
Chicago Chicago Pro-Life Future helped expose abortionist Ulrich Klopfer who hoarded baby remains. They focus on education, serving mothers, and life-related policy.
- Chicago, IL -
Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Pro-Life Future hosts educational pro-life events and helps their local pregnancy health center sidewalk counsel abortion-minded mothers.
- Colorado Springs -
Denver Denver Pro-Life Future hosted an art show to celebrate pro-life artists after a local artist was kicked out of an art gallery for his pro-life beliefs.
- Denver, CO -
Fresno Fresno Pro-Life Future fought against the SB24 "campus abortion mandate" and they continue working to keep the abortion industry off of California campuses.
- Fresno, CA -
Indianapolis Indianapolis Pro-Life Future exposed the truth about Planned Parenthood by hosting Unplanned movie showings. They also host regular pro-life outreach events.
- Indianapolis, IN -
Lehigh Valley Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future hosts educational displays to start dialogue about abortion. They also do sidewalk advocacy and lobby for pro-life laws.
- Lehigh Valley -
New Jersey New Jersey Pro-Life Future hosted a pro-life fundraising dance to benefit their local pregnancy health center. Proceeds supported women & families in need.
- New Jersey -
Phoenix Phoenix Pro-Life Future created “Skills for Life," a one-of-a-kind program to connect pro-life organizations in the Phoenix area with skilled volunteers.
- Phoenix, AZ -
Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Pro-Life Future participates in 40 Days for Life and hosts educational events to expose abortion. They also lobby for pro-life bills in California.
- Silicon Valley, CA -