When Life Begins Display



  1. Many pro-life organizations have fetal development displays that can be set up on your campus. You can choose to display models that can be held and show life-like size and features of unborn babies or you can choose to use a poster display that depicts each level of development. You can also use both in your display. Check out this website or contact SFLA if you need help locating such a display.

  3. Choose an area on your campus with lots of traffic on which to set up your display. Make sure that you have permission from applicable campus agencies before setting up any kind of display.

  5. Have flyers describing fetal development ready to hand to students walking by your display.Ask students where they think life begins, and using your display as an aid, talk to them about when life begins. You can even ask them to mark which poster shows when they believe life begins with flags or post–it notes. If you use post-it notes, you can ask them to write their thoughts.

  7. Always be respectful of the students who you speak with, and have fun educating your peers!