Truth Teams

A truth team is a couple, usually a young man and woman, posing as clients for an abortion, who station themselves in the waiting room area of an abortion clinic in order to discuss a “proposed” abortion with genuine clients in order to change their decision about having an abortion. The objective is to plant in the minds of the clients in the waiting room serious doubts about having an abortion.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. For this project, you will need a man and a woman who are accustomed to sidewalk counseling to volunteer to go undercover inside an abortion clinic.  Find two group members or community members who would feel comfortable doing this.
  2. Make sure that they are prepared for their project—most importantly, trained in sidewalk counseling.
  3. On the day that you are going to do the project, have your group or another group sidewalk counsel outside the clinic.  Your “truth team” will walk past the sidewalk counselors, pick up their pro-life literature, and enter the clinic.
  4. Once inside the clinic’s waiting room, the “truth team” should begin to discuss the literature and what the sidewalk counselors told them.  These conversations are meant to draw in other patients who are sitting in the waiting room with the “truth team.”
  5. When the “truth team” leaves, they should leave the pro-life literature behind in the clinic waiting room in hopes that other patients will read it and change their minds about their abortions.