Truth Booth

Show your campus just what an unborn child looks like in the womb, using a short video featuring shots from 3D and 4D ultrasounds!

This event can be extremely effective in spreading the word about fetal development in an easy way. Not much of preparation has to take place, so a group of any size can organization this event that will save lives on your campus. The only materials you need is the video (downloadable), a table, and laptop computers or a projector.

There are 2 ways SFLA recommends that you can complete this project on campus. You can use multiple laptop computers to show the videos as students pass by or project the videos (sound not needed) on a side of a campus building on a busy evening.

1. Choose a date and time for your Truth Booth.

  • Choose a day on which your campus is most busy during the (1) evening for a projection display or (2) daytime for a computer display.
  • Choose a time in the evening when there will be both (1) adequate darkness for a projected movie and (2) heavier traffic through campus. OR choose a time of day that also accomplishes the goals of high visibility and traffic for your project.

2. Reserve a location for your Truth Booth

  • Choose an area on campus with the most student traffic, such as in front of the dining hall or student center, etc.
  • Reserve the area through the administration, leaving an area for a table to hold either several laptops or a projector. If you are using a projector, make sure you choose a spot at which you can project an image onto a building, sheet, or screen with good visibility.

3. Reserve a table and secure other equipment

  • Reserve a table to hold either your projector or as many laptops as you plan to use to show the videos.
  • Secure some laptops to play the ultrasound videos from OR secure a projector and accessories, which you may be able to rent from your school library.
  • Make sure you have a close-by power source, extension cables, and even a power-strip for multiple computers.
  • If you do not have a good building surface for projecting, get a large white sheet to hang on a building or other large structure.
  • If you are doing your booth in the daytime on computers, you may want to construct a source of shade for better visuals off a computer.

4. Sign people up to run the Truth Booth

  • There should always be a couple people from your group running the display for protection.
  • There should be additional help to sign people up for your group email and meeting updates.
  • Someone should always have a camera on hand to record any vandalism or inappropriate acts towards your display and/or members.
  • Invite lots of people to attend a booth projection, as a crowd will draw even more people out of interest.

5. Be prepared with literature

  • Have handouts with factual information on fetal development and even handouts on abortion facts and technique descriptions.
  • Have information available on a local PRC and post-abortive material and references.
  • Have your group information ready to hand out, so you can recruit new students to your meetings and events.
  • It would also be wise to have on hand a copy of any communications with the administration allowing you to have your display.

6. Prepare your team!

  • Make sure your members are all prepared to explain the 3D and 4D ultrasound images, fetal development through all nine months, and any other fetal or abortion-related facts that may come up as a result of your display.

7. Get your video of the unborn on the womb

  • Go to to find more information on Truth Booths and to download the Truth Booth video for use on your laptops or a projector.

8. Let SFLA know how it went!

  • We love hearing about your events. E-mail us at
  • Let us know if you have any stories, questions, or concerns!