Social Media

Today, over 60% of young people get their news online. The majority of young people spend more than 7 hours a day connected to online media via their phone, tablet, or computer, often multi-tasking on social networks.

When you look at the demographics of just one social media site, Facebook, the world’s largest online community of over 800 million, almost 1/7 of the entire world’s population, there is no denying that this is where the pro-life movement should be. This is where our target audience, young people, those most targeted by the abortion industry and those most likely to have abortions are. Did you know that 48% of 18-34 year olds check their Facebook profiles as soon as they wake up in the morning?

Pro-lifers of all ages have taken to social networks to share the pro-life message. We have not only seen changed hearts but also saved lives!

There are some points that should be mentioned when using social media to reach your peers:

Be respectful. We sometimes forget that we are dealing with actual people when we converse with other social media users. We need to be respectful to them as such by keeping in mind past experiences they may have had with abortion. Also, using degrading or harmful language may feel good at the time but usually makes people defensive, thus turning the conversation into a war of words.

Be mindful that we won’t always “win”. Although it is wonderful when we are able to change a persons mind about abortion, the debate is rarely won at the time it happens. It can take weeks or even years for the information to sink in and an opinion to change.

Be informed. There are many “facts” that pro-lifers share with others that aren’t necessarily true – they are more like myths. Spreading these myths make our movement seem ill-informed thus making any facts we state seem unbelievable. Stay informed about common abortion myths and debate topics by regularly checking pro-life apologetics blogs like Life Training Institute.

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