Show Maafa 21

Today, although blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population, black women make up 36% of all abortions. In fact, 50% of pregnancies end in abortion within the black community.

Maafa 21 is an excellent movie to show on your campus to highlight how abortions has its beginnings in racism.

Maafa is the Swahili word for ‘great disaster’ or ‘tragedy.’ Maafa refers to the period of slavery in America when blacks were valued as property and treated as subhuman.

Maafa 21 starts at the end of slavery and shows how elites in the United States tried to eliminated a whole race of people through 

eugenics, forced sterilization, birth control, and, finally, abortion.

Watch the trailer for Maafa21 here, or watch the full film here.

Materials Needed

  1. HLA “Did You Know” African-American Flyers
  2. Maafa 21 DVD
  3. Audio Visual Equipment
  4. Flyers to advertise for the event

Organize Your Event

1. Begin with the “African-Americans and Abortion HLA Distribution” event.

  • Click here for the SFLA event guide for how to obtain and distribute Human Life Alliance’s “Did You Know” African-American flyers.

2. Choose a date for your Maafa 21 movie showing

  • SFLA suggests February which is Black History Month.
  • Choose a date and time in which students will be available to watch a documentary; preferably a week night evening. Keep in mind what other events are happening on campus that may conflict with your event when you choose your date and time.  (Maafa21 is over 2 hours long. To make sure viewers understand the full context of the movie, it is imperative that you show the entire film and do not break it up over various times.)

3.  Reserve a location for your movie showing

  • Choose a room on campus that is equipped with audio visual equipment and a projections screen.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork with the administration several months in advance to reserve the room.

4. Schedule an African-American pastor or other black guest to speak before/after the movie

  • Speakers to lead the discussion after the documentary.
  • See Below for our list of African-American Guest Speakers.

5. Ask African-American groups on campus to co-host the event.

6.  Advertise for the event

  • See if you can get your campus paper to write an article about your event and print an op-ed written by your group.
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Hang up unique and intriguing posters to advertise your event.
  • Click HERE for Maafa21 flyer

Suggested Poster Slogans

  • Black Genocide in America Today
  • Is racism alive in America today?
  • Keeping African-Americans in Chains
  • Is this what Dr. King Dreamed?
  • A Declining Minority: Why the African-American Population is at the point of extinction.
  • Fighting against the #1 Killer of African-Americans…

7. At your event, be prepared with these materials

  • Have handouts with factual abortion statistics and facts concerning abortion and the African-American community.
  • Have information available on a local Pregnancy Help Center and post-abortive material and references.
  • Have your group meeting information ready to hand out, so you can recruit new students to your meetings and events.
  • Have a copy of any communications with the administration allowing you to host your event with you

8. Prepare your team

  • Make sure your group members all have a basic understanding about how Planned Parenthood was founded to target minorities and those of low economic status, and how they have continued this practice.  Also, prepare your group members with statistics about African-Americans and abortion. Click here for more info.
  • Your group may want to prepare a list of discussion questions to help get the dialogue started after the documentary.

Recommended National African-American Guest Speakers

Dr. Alveda King, Director, African American Outreach for Gospel of Life Ministries
Cost: Travel and donation to Priests for Life
Website:; Speaking Request
Phone: (404) 981-3620

Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President, B.O.N.D.
Cost: $3,000 to$5,000
Phone: 800-USA-1776

Star Parker, Founder, C.U.R.E.
Cost:$4,500 and travel
Phone: 202-204-2575

Day Gardner, Director of the National Black Pro-Life Union
Phone: 202-547-0068

Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director, LEARN (Life Education and Research Network)
Phone: 910-488-9936

Akua Furlow, Founder and President, Texas Black Americans for LEARN
Phone: 713-645-1377

Lorey Kelley, Urban Director, CARENET

Rev. Arnold Culbreath, Urban Outreach Director, Protecting Black Life
Phone: 513-729-3600