Recruit Members

Just as in college, work with groups that will be sympathetic and grow from there. Once you’ve touched base with pro-life leaders and leaders of young adult groups in the area you’ll have a good idea of where other pro-life young professionals may be. Young, pro-life professionals are looking for a way to stay involved in the pro-life movement, you just have to poke around.

Connect with your friends, youth group leaders, and local young professional events such as Theology on Tap, music concerts, bible studies, or happy hours. Use the sample flyers to distribute in church halls, at events, and  on community boards.

Always be thinking about recruitment!

  • Have members bring a friend to a specified event; “Next event is a social event. We’re doing a BBQ in the park, everyone bring 1 or 2 friends!”
  • Bring flyers about your Pro-Life Future chapter with you everywhere and always be ready to talk about the chapter and upcoming events. Every member should be able to do this!
  • Host events for college seniors
    • especially spring semester
    • Invite them to a cocktail party and have a local pro-life leader there that they can meet
    • Get on their campus and tell them about PLF and how to remain pro-life after graduation


A good way to recruit is to advertise that you’re starting this group! People can’t come if they don’t know it exists!

  • Use the sample Parish Bulletin Announcement and flyers to advertise in your church.
  • Co-Sponsor an event and promote Pro-Life Future at the event.
  • When your group gets bigger, hosting large community events is a good way to recruit.
  • Create graphics (or use Pro-Life Future graphics) and events on your Facebook page and advertise via social media

After you recruit members, make sure you keep them active. Delegate tasks to the new member and form personal relationships. Have tasks ready to assign to members to get them involved right away. This can be as simple as hanging up flyers in their church. The idea is to give new members a sense of ownership and responsibility. When they become invested in the club, they are more likely to come back.

For more tips and ideas on recruiting, visit the SFLA recruiting page.