Step by Step Guide

1.    Northern Arizona University ProtestWhen there is something going on in your community that the pro-life community needs to rise up against, schedule a protest. Some examples might be a Planned Parenthood opening or expansion, the opening of an abortion clinic, important laws up for voting or being passed, or an event planned by a pro-choice organization.These events take a lot of planning, but are beneficial because they help get your group name recognition and media attention.In addition, if you work with other pro-life groups in the area, they will be able to use their resources to help your group out.

2.    Once you choose a location for your protest (outside a legislative building, Capital, or Governor’s mansion for a political protest, or outside the location of an abortion clinic or potential abortion clinic), you need to contact your local police department to find out if you need a permit. If you   are planning on having your protest on a public sidewalk, you might not need a permit, but it is always prudent to notify the police of your presence and to learn where you are allowed to be legally.This way, if the facility you are protesting calls the police, your group has already established a good relationship with them.

3.      Decide on a uniform message for your protest and make sure that your speakers have talking points. This way, your group will look unified to both the press and the public when you are protesting.This presents a good image.In addition, your signs should have catchy messages.There is a list of good sign slogans on SFLA’s website.

4.    Notify the community of your protest in advance.Send out media advisories and press releases so that the press can cover your event. Alert other pro-life organizations and groups in the area to your protest so that they can come support your group’s message.You may also contact churches or individuals who are sympathetic to your message.The more people that are there, the more media coverage you are likely to receive. SFLA has guides for contacting the media: SFLA Media Guide and Sample Media Advisory.

5.    Make sure that your protest stays organized, peaceful, and true to your message. This will give your group and the pro-life movement as a whole a good image.Make sure that your event starts on time and that all of your speakers are present.Be prepared to slightly alter your plan on short notice because of traffic or other unexpected setbacks.Be prepared to deal with counter-protestors or unsympathetic observers.A good way to prepare is to have apologetics training before your protest.Most of all, have fun showing the community the strength in the pro-life movement!