Pro-Life Nativity Scene

A Pro-Life Nativity Scene is a great way to spread the pro-life message during the busy Christmas season. It will be sure to gain a lot of attention on your campus, as it deals with both religion and the pro-life movement.

1. Choose a date and time for your Nativity Scene

  • Choose a day on which your campus is most populated.
  • Choose a time in the day when there will be heavier traffic through campus.

2. Choose and reserve a location for your Nativity

  • Choose an area on campus with the most student traffic, such as in front of the dining hall or student center, etc.
  • Reserve the area through the administration. Make sure you choose a spot with good visibility.

3. Reserve a spot and secure other items

  • Reserve a Nativity scene, either through a family member, donor, local church, local pro-life group, or even buy one as a group.
  • Make sure you have a close-by power source, extension cables, and even a power-strip for lighting in the evening.
  • Buy materials to create large, durable sings for your display.
  • If you cannot reserve a spot on campus, you may be able to get permission to put your display on areas near campus, like city property, a local family’s yard, or a church- yard.

4. Sign people up to run the Nativity Scene

  • There should always be a couple people from your group running the display for protection.
  • There should be additional help to sign people up for your group email and meeting updates.
  • Someone should always have a camera on hand to record any vandalism or inappropriate acts towards your display and/or members.
  • Invite lots of people to be at the Nativity scene in the evening, as a crowd will draw even more people out of interest. Maybe your group and guests can sing carols or have festive readings around the scene one night.

5. Be prepared with literature

  • Have handouts with factual information on abortion, the magnitude of its consequences, and various related stats.
  • Have information available on a local PRC and post-abortive material and references.
  • Have your group information ready to hand out, so you can recruit new students to your meetings and events.
  • It would also be wise to have on hand a copy of any communications with the administration allowing you to have your display when and where it is.

6. Prepare your team and signs!

  • Make sure your members are all prepared to talk about the display with facts on fetal development through all nine months, abortion techniques, how many abortions occur in the US and your state regularly, facts about Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics,and any other humanitarian, religious, or abortion-related facts that may come up as a result of your display.
  • Choose your theme with your group members and create your signs accordingly. Make sure all elements of the display and any discussions stay on message!
  • Ideas: “We’re thankful/Be thankful Planned Parenthood wasn’t around in Bethlehem;” “Praise the Lord Mary was pro-life;” “Mary and Joseph chose LIFE. Be thankful;” “Planned Parenthood would have advised this couple otherwise/to schedule an abortion;” “Christmas: another joyous result of selfless motherhood.” Etc.

7. Set up your display

  • Set up your Nativity like any other, with Jesus and Mother Mary as your focal points.
  • Make your display well lit in the evenings.
  • Post signs conveying your pro-life message around and above your display. Post some signs in the groups with stakes and tape.
  • Create handouts conveying your message and group info for people passing by your display.

8. Let SFLA know how it went!

  • We love hearing about your events. E-mail us at
  • Let us know if you have any stories, questions, suggestions, or concerns!