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You have a right to talk about abortion and use public space to share your position. Every city has specific local ordinances regarding use of public space and sidewalks, where you can stand in relation to an abortion facility when praying or sidewalk counseling, and how you can interact with passerby. Many of these laws may not be Constitutional. If you think your city isn’t allowing you to express your First Amendment rights, contact us and we will work with our expert team of lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom to ensure that you are able to complete your mission of abolishing abortion in our lifetime.

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Check out the videos and memo below for an overview of free speech rights on college campuses for a general understanding of the subject. For specific issues in your city, be sure to contact us.

2010 SFLA Conference: Knowing Your Rights on Campus from Students for Life on Vimeo.

Check out a letter from our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom about your rights at a public university.