Movies On Abortion

Movies are a great tool that you can use on campus, either to educate your group members or share the pro-life message with other students on you campus. Movie nights, campus wide screenings, and film fests create opportunities for you and your peers to discuss difficult topics in a fun, non-threatening environment. Please check out our recommended films lists to find great films for your group events!

If you would like to recommend a film, please email the Pro-Life Future team at

Find a Film

Inviting friends to watch a pro-life movie with your chapter is a great way to share the pro-life message in a way that may be less intimidating for new people. This can be an informal event your chapter hosts for those in the mushy middle that your members are trying to recruit into the pro-life movement. You can even use these movie discussion questions to help you use these movies as a way of introducing people to being pro-life.

Please note that some of these movies are not suitable for certain audiences. An asterisk (*) denotes a film that may contain objectionable material.