Missing Footsteps at an Abortion Facility


  • Choose an abortion facility and research their hours of operation and security features.
  • Buy construction paper or sponges to cut into the shapes of adult feet and baby feet.
  • Buy chalk or spray chalk in a symbolic color (purple for SFLA, your school colors, your group logo color, etc; red is a good color to use generally).
  • Plan to go to the facility late at night so your display lasts into the morning so that women entering the facility may see it.
  • On one side of the sidewalk entering the facility, chalk both the adult (mother) feet and the baby feet walking towards the doors.
  • Then chalk only the adult/mother feet walking away from the doors on the opposite side of the sidewalk.
  • The result will be a representation of a mother and her child entering the clinic, and a mother leaving the clinic without her child.
  • Your group may want to leave signs or messages that reference the mother leaving alone, without the baby that was once a part of her.