Know Your City

As you start your Pro-Life Future chapter, you have to get the lay of the land in your city. There are people in your community with whom you’ll want to connect. You want to know what is already happening, and what needs to be done. And you should know what the abortion industry is doing in your city. We have created this community profile to help you determine where your Pro-Life Future chapter fits into the community. If you already know other pro-life leaders in your community, connect with them to fill out the community profile. This is also a great way to get more people involved by assigning them specific questions to answer. The Pro-Life Future team can help you complete this.

  1. What is the general feel of our region? Is it friendly or hostile to the pro-life movement?
  2. How many abortion facilities are in the area? Where are they? Do we know their hours? What sorts of abortions do they commit (medical, surgical, late term, etc.)?
  3. Is there a pro-life presence at the abortion facility? If so, what? How often?
  4. How many Pregnancy Resource Centers are in the area? Where are they located? Do we know their hours? Do we know what services they provide?
  5. What pro-life groups are in the area (Students for Life, 40 Days for Life, Right to Life, etc.)? What sort of activism/work do they already do?
  6. What public spaces in our city are good for outreach and dialogue?
  7. Is the pro-life community united or segmented? Who are the local pro-life leaders? Do they work together?
  8. What pro-life churches are in the area? Do we have connections to them?
  9. Are we near a high school or college that has a pro-life presence? What work does that group do? How can we help that campus?
  10. What other young adult groups with members in our target audience are already active in our community? How can we partner with them?
  11. Does Students for Life have a Regional Coordinator in the area? Have we been in contact?

Knowing your city is one of the most important steps of starting a Pro-Life Future chapter. You don’t want to be duplicating efforts already happening, but do want to be supporting other initiatives and doing new things that need to be done to abolish abortion.