How to Have a Shadow Woman Display

Shadow woman displays are a great way to get discussion going on your campus about the lack of pregnant students. They are not hard to create and the assembly could be used as group growing event.Becky Banks and Cutout

  • Look for foam insulation panels in the building supply section at a hardware store. The 2 x 8 or 2 x 6 dimension panels provide the life-sized effect. Beware that you may need to cut them to fit into the car. Plan to purchase at least 12 to scatter across campus.
  • Stencil an outline of a pregnant woman onto a sample panel. Minute details aren’t important. You just need to capture a realistic size and shape- a figure that’s obviously feminine and has a belly. Use a pencil to replicate the stencil shape along each foam board. Carefully use box cutters to sculpt the excess foam from the figure. You can also paint the figures black for an added effect.
  • Subtly tie the model’s feet with rope to keep her standing. Attach her to a tree, telephone pole, chair, or campus statue. Place posters alongside the models addressing the absence of pregnant students. Messages such as “Future Moms Welcome Here,” “We care for future moms,” “Pro-Life, Pro-Woman,” and “If you are pregnant, we will support you” work well.
  • Distribute pregnancy resource materials to engage passersby. If you can’t have students near the displays during the day, make sure to check on them periodically to ensure no one has tampered with them. For a nice touch you may also want to hand out roses to the pregnant students you do see on campus.

Looking for a poster to use to advertise this event? Try FFL’s Where Have All the Pregnant Women Gone? ad.