Graphic Images Display

Students for Life of America does not take a position on whether or not groups should host graphic images displays at their schools. However, we do have 2 suggestions. Graphic image displays are recommended for established groups not newly formed groups, and, because of the controversial nature of the event, before you host this event make sure your group is in agreement.

There are 2 organizations which travel coast to coast with graphic displays and will come to your school:

Genocide Awareness Project (GAP)

Justice for All (JFA)

Step by Step Guide:

  1. For a display such as this, it is important to get in touch with campus officials and let them know about your event. On some campuses, you may need to obtain permits to have a display. (Note: Public schools must allow you to hold this type of event.)
  2. Choose an area of campus where your display will be easily accessible. While some students might be offended, you want to provoke discussion on your campus about the photographs that you will be displaying.
  3. It is good to have apologetics training in conjunction with these events so that your group will be informed and will be able to defend the pro-life position. This event is going to bring up strong feelings on campus, and you need to be prepared for the feedback of others.
  4. Make sure that you always have a small group of group members outside your display, ready to answer the questions of fellow students. These group members should have had apologetics training and should be comfortable standing next to the images.