Find Like-Minded People

The purpose of Pro-Life Future is to add to and grow the pro-life movement in your community. You need a wide network of people to help you grow the influence of the chapter. Start with your friends: people you know from church, from your Students for Life group, anyone you know who is pro-life.IMG_2731

Then reach out to other like-minded groups. Many churches have young adult ministries. Look for alumni networks of Christian or conservative colleges in your city. Find the young adult chapters for political groups aligned with our pro-life vision. Personally call or visit the leaders or organizers of those groups to invite them to be part of Pro-Life Future and promote within their group. Some simple Facebook, Twitter, and Google searches can help you find these groups.

You’re looking not just for other pro-lifers, but also people whose worldview leaves them open to the pro-life message, whom you can invite to be part of the pro-life movement. Recruiting is all about relationships. Spend the time to make personal connections with people and make them feel welcome.