Expose the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

One of the most controversial things your group can do on campus is raise the issue that abortion increases the risk for breast cancer. It may seem like a small task, but this is one subject area that incites the other side. Why? Because if American women knew this fact, there would be a dramatic decrease in the number of abortions.

There are many easy events you can do to spread the message: hold a table display, host a speaker, show a video, or host a whole week dedicated to this issue.

Remember: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So it is a great time to raise this issue.

1. Decide with your group the angle you would like to take for your ABC link event

  • Table display with information, graphs, visuals, medical displays, and literature handouts explaining the link between abortion and breast cancer.
  • Host a speaker, like Dr. Lanfranchi from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, to educate your campus on this deadly link.
  • Show a video, containing medical facts and descriptions, explaining the link between abortion and breast cancer. (Example: ABC LINK: Abortion Breast Cancer Link, What every woman has a right to know by The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, featuring Dr. Lanfranchi and Dr. Joel Brind)
  • Any combination of the above
  • Make a week of it and do all of the above!

2. Choose a date and time for your ABC Link Event

  • Choose a day on which your campus is most populated.
  • Choose a time in the day when there will be heavy traffic through campus.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month is October. This is a great month to do this event!

3. Choose and reserve a location for your ABC event

  • Choose an area on campus with the most student traffic, such as in front of the dining hall or student center, etc., or
  • Reserve a room for a speaker, debate, or inside movie viewing.
  • Reserve the area through the administration, and save all communications on the matter.

4. Secure your needed materials

  • Buy, rent or borrow your video of choice,
  • Buy materials to create large, durable sings for your display or event,
  • Buy or gather your handout-literature. See Breast Cancer Prevention Institute for good information on this.
  • OR contact your desired speaker and arrange a time to host him or her on your campus. Contact SFLA for help with this. See our website for a list of speakers.

5. Sign people up to run the event

  • There should always be a couple people from your group running the display or event for protection.
  • There should be additional help to sign people up for your group email and meeting updates.
  • Someone should always have a camera on hand to record any vandalism or inappropriate acts towards your display and/or members.
  • Invite lots of people to be at any ABC link event, as a crowd will draw even more people out of interest.

6. Be prepared as a group to field questions and concerns

  • Have information available on a local PRC and post-abortive material and references.
  • Have your group information ready to hand out, so you can recruit new students to your meetings and events.
  • It would also be wise to have on hand a copy of any communications with the administration allowing you to have your display when and where it is.
  • Make sure your members are all prepared to talk about the event with all relevant facts.

7. Choose your theme with your group members and create your signs accordingly.

  • Make sure all elements of the display and any discussions stay on message!
  • Ideas: “ABC link: How Abortion leads to Breast Cancer;” “Save lives/Raise awareness: Tell women the truth about abortion and breast cancer;” “Pro-life=Caring about Women’s Health and Preventing Breast Cancer;” “Save Lives: Know you ABC (link);” “Breast Cancer Awareness Booth: Help us Save Lives Today!” “Choose his LIFE = Choose your life;” “Choosing LIFE means Choosing Health.”

8. Set up your display

  • Post signs conveying your message around and above your display. Post some signs in the ground with stakes and tape.
  • Arrange and divide your handouts conveying your message and group info for people passing by your display.
  • Send people out around campus to encourage people to stop by your table, evening event, etc.

9. Let SFLA know how it went!

  • We love hearing about your events. E-mail us at info@studentsforlife.org.
  • Let us know if you have any stories, questions, suggestions, or concerns!