Expose Planned Parenthood

No single organization is a greater enemy to the family than Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, it’s founder, believed strongly in the program of eugenics. Fighting Planned Parenthood is of profound importance. Many people are still ignorant of it’s real philosophy and aims. When a Planned Parenthood is thinking about opening in a neighborhood, talk to everyone involved, including the mayor and real estate agencies. When a clinic does become established in a community, alert the public to the dangers. Hold prayer vigils, protest, and ask parents to not send their children there.

Step by Step Guide:


  1. Put pressure on your local Planned Parenthood and on the national organization by exposing unlawful or unethical things that they have done both in your community and across the country.
  2. Plan protests outside your local Planned Parenthood. See the SFLA website for a guide onprotests and video of protests and press conferences that SFLA has held to expose Planned Parenthood.
  3. There is evidence linking Planned Parenthood to racism, covering up statutory rape, and other unethical activity on SFLA’s website. Use this information to alert your community of Planned Parenthood’s activity. Send out press releases to alert the media. In addition, you can utilize media outlets that may already be sympathetic to your cause, such as local blogs and talk radio.
  4. Reach out to other pro-life organizations in your community and invite them to join you in exposing Planned Parenthood. Never underestimate their ability to help you, especially if they have already formed relationships with the media and local politicians.
  5. Lobby your legislators by showing them the unlawful and unethical behavior of Planned Parenthood and asking them to enact laws that will prevent this kind of behavior from continuing.