Chapter Funding

No matter how hard you pinch your penny, it is not going to multiply on its own! Finding practical ways to fund your chapter’s activities and needs will be important if you want to promise bigger events and more opportunities.

As a Pro-Life Future chapter, the national organization will hold the funds for you. All money that you raise will be turned into a special bank account, just for chapter funds, and earmarked for your use. By law, those funds raised by your chapter can only be used by your chapter. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the Pro-Life Future procedures and forms for handling money.

You need to do two things to ensure you have enough funds for your chapter’s activities: create and stick to a budget, and actively fundraise. One person and/or committee should be responsible for budgeting and fundraising. They will make sure that the chater has the funds it needs, is in full compliance with Pro-Life Future policy and continues to grow. Remember, always be training your replacement and more than one person should understand how the process works.

Develop a Budget

Whether your chapter has a treasurer or a finance committee, you will need to determine the chapter’s projected expenses for the semester or year. Make a list of your chpter’s events (e.g. educational campaigns, cemetery displays, trips) and discuss the costs of holding each event. Consider:

  • What materials will you need?
  • Are there transportation costs?
  • Are there fees for reserving the location?
  • How much does a speaker charge?
  • Estimate your total expenses for the or year.
  • Consider adding an amount to cover any additional expenses that may occur.

After each event, compare your budget projections with the actual costs. Keep notes so you can be better prepared next time you do the event.

For more help with fundraising, email us. We will help you develop a fundraising plan for your club. You may also be interested in these pages: