Chalking Baby Feet on Campus

This is a fun event in which all that is required are people and a case of sidewalk chalk. Often it can be an educational event in as well as an effective means of advertising your group.

Step by Step Guide

  • Set aside an evening to chalk.  It is usually wise to chalk at night when there is less traffic on campus.  If your group meets in the evening, you can schedule your regular meeting time for chalking.
  • Purchase your sidewalk chalk, ensuring that you buy enough for your project.
  • Decide what you want to chalk and where on campus you want to chalk.  Choose an area with high traffic so that many students will see your message.  A popular idea is to chalk 3000 hearts or pairs of baby feet with messages such as, “6000 feet will never walk because of abortion,” or “3000 hearts will never love because of abortion.”
  • You can also use this event for advertising by including your group’s name and date of your next meeting or social.
  • Have fun chalking!  This can be a great way to get to know new members and get less active members involved with your group.