196,543 baby socks on Capitol Hill

We really did it!

With your help, with your sock drives, with your creative ways of collecting baby socks, and with your generosity, we really did it. On April 26th, our Students for Life of America team and supporters brought 196,543 baby socks to Capitol Hill and created an unmistakable visual impact for lawmakers on the destruction that taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood wrecks every day.

We held our massive #Sockit2PP rally on the Capitol Hill Lawn and put pressure on Congressional leaders to keep their promise and defund Planned Parenthood. We carted 196,543 little baby socks to the rally, piling them high as a representation of the number of abortions Planned Parenthood commits. Each baby sock represented one child that was aborted at the hands of Planned Parenthood.

The number is over halfway to our goal of collecting 323,999 baby socks, which is how many abortions Planned Parenthood did last year. If you haven’t sent us in a sock, do it! We are still collecting socks and trying to make it to our goal – www.sockit2pp.com.

Our president, Kristan Hawkins, led the rally. Other speakers included pro-life Senator Ben Sasse (R-N), former PP director Sue Thayer, and representatives from Alliance Defending Freedom, SBA List, Americans United for Life, and American Life League.

Two incredible high school students – Maddi Runkles and Samuel Matthews – and one college student, Purity Thomas of Roanoke Students for Life, also spoke. These students were the highlight of the rally! Their testimonies were amazing.

The Blaze wrote:

Madeline Runkles, 18, a member of Students for Life, brought some of the attendees of the rally to tears when she discussed her decision to choose life when she discovered that she is pregnant earlier this year.

Runkles said that she briefly considered abortion upon making the discovery “because I believed all the lies that Planned Parenthood told a girl like me, that you can’t do it, you can’t accomplish your dreams, your whole life is ruined [if you have a baby].”

She said that, although Planned Parenthood depicts itself as a champion of women’s rights, “I can’t think of anything less empowering than telling a woman she can’t do it.”

“And I look at all these socks, and that could have been my baby,” she said. “But I choose to let my baby wear these socks.”

“I know it’s going to be hard to accomplish my dreams, but I get to have a little guy next to me, and we get to do it together,” Runkles said.

It was a massive undertaking from beginning to end. We had to rent a UHaul to get all the socks to the Capitol and then it was all hands on-deck to unload them and pile them high on the lawn.

Every opportunity was used to explain what these baby socks represented: a life took by Planned Parenthood, who gets over half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers:

[Kristan Hawkins] said the socks were changing minds even as they were unloaded from the truck.

“I was changing kids’ minds on the street,” Hawkins said. “People were just walking by, and I would say, ‘Every sock represents one baby Planned Parenthood aborts,’ and people’s mouths were dropping. … One kid came back and said, ‘Can you say that again?’ So it’s a huge reminder that these are babies, and that’s not even all of them.”

Watch the Livestream Video

Want to watch the rally? We hosted a Facebook livestream to record the event:

Heading to the Speaker’s Office

Not content to keep the socks on the Capitol Hill Lawn, we led an envoy of pro-life students to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s office, where we presented 100 baskets full of 88,000 baby socks, which represents the number of babies whose lives were ended by Planned Parenthood since President Trump’s inauguration.

We want action from Congress, and we want it now. No more infighting and petty disagreements, we said. Keep your promises and defund Planned Parenthood!

LifeSiteNews followed us all the way from the Capitol Lawn to the Speaker’s office:

Briefing Congress

While most of our team and students were heading to Speaker Ryan’s office, other team members set up the We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood campus display in a Congressional briefing room, where they discussed with over a dozen staffers on how to persuasively talk about why we need to defund Planned Parenthood.

Thank You

Thank you for your support and excitement over #Sockit2PP. We are the Pro-Life Generation, and we will never stop defending the preborn and their mothers betrayed by Planned Parenthood and the abortion.

We will abolish abortion in our lifetime.



3 activity ideas for your Pro-Life Future chapter

Spring is upon us, and thank goodness, we finally have some decent weather! Let’s take advantage of the sunshine and warmth, and get out into our communities with some easy outreach. Here are 3 ideas that your Pro-Life Future chapter may consider.

Pro-Life Street Outreach

Find a corner of a popular street or even an overpass to organize your street outreach. Make sure that you are not blocking any businesses, and take a meeting to prepare your talking points, gather materials, and schedule your event.Chicago PLF Overpass Outreach

Quick Tips:

  • Pick a topic for your outreach. You may choose to talk about fetal development facts, Planned Parenthood exposé, pregnancy support and resources, or another relevant subject.
  • Create good signage. Based on your topic, choose facts, resources, etc. that can fit easily on a sign. Try to keep your sign messages short and succinct. Make sure that your writing is bold and legible from a distance. If you choose a colored poster, use markers or paint that will contrast well. Use foam boards for more durability.
  • Collect your materials. Ask your Pro-Life Future Director for materials for outreach– such as fetal development cards, “We don’t need Planned Parenthood” cards, or suggestions for other materials. Only take with you as much as you can hold in a purse or bag.
  • Get out there. You may have lots of interested passersby or only a few engaged conversations. Either way, it’s worth the effort! Bring a positive attitude, and engage in respectful, patient dialogue with your community.

NOTICE: Please make sure that you are aware of your surroundings, especially traffic! Watch out for your fellow chapter members should there be protesting groups or busy surroundings.

Abortion Clinic Presence

Even when your local 40 Days for Life campaign is over, your group can continue to be a positive, life-affirming presence in front of your local abortion clinic. Whether you choose to stand with signs, pray (or stand quietly), or actively sidewalk help, your group has plenty of opportunities to bring love and hope to the sidewalk.

Quick Tips:

  • Get trained. If your group intends to speak with and counsel clients, contact Beth Rahal for a training on how to be an effective and compassionate sidewalk helper.
  • Be intentional about your date/time. If you know what days abortions are performed at the clinic, you may be more effective in your outreach. Ask local activists or your local 40 Days for Life Coordinator about this information.
  • Unify your messaging. Decide as a group on what messages you want to communicate. These may include: “Pregnant? Call XXX-XXX-XXXX for free, confidential support.” “Pregnant? Need help? Let’s talk.” “Your story matters. You matter.” “Dear Mom. You are strong and capable.” “Pregnant? We can help.” “You are loved!”
  • Bring your PRC materials. Have brochures or handouts ready with information for your local pregnancy resource center (PRC). Find out if your PRC is open on that day (during your outreach). Add your PRC’s number in your phone in case you need to alert them of a potential client.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally. Sidewalk advocacy can be exhausting- physically and emotionally. Take some time for yourself before and after to process your emotions. You may want to spend time with your group after the event discussing what you experienced.

Letter Writing Campaigns

While this is not an outdoor activity, this is an easy activity for any chapter! You can do this at a meeting, as an outreach at a local church, or even with a youth group.

Quick Tips:

  • Decide on your “who”. As a group, decide on who will receive these letters. Are you writing letters of support to local pregnancy resource center clients? Or writing letters to encourage abortion clinic workers to leave the industry? Or are you writing to local politicians?
  • Discuss your messaging. Make sure that it is clear what types of messages are appropriate. You may wish to write out some sample messages and to write down any reference(s) that you may include.
  • Contact your partners. Ask local groups (e.g. churches, youth groups) if they would be interested in contributing. If you chose to write to PRC clients, contact the PRC to confirm how many letters they are willing to accept.
  • Check your letters before sending. If you chose to do this as a community outreach project (i.e. including a local church or group), you may need to review the letters before sending them. Weed out any poorly written or disrespectful messages.




This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director. Contact Beth at brahal@prolifefuture.org for more information. The overpass sign image (“Abortion takes human life”) and the blogpost image are from Chicago Pro-Life Future’s Facebook group found here. The letter writing image was submitted by Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future.

Planned Parenthood: Whistles, Bandanas, and Stalking

We dont need PP- Banner

Whistles blasting our ears. Planned Parenthood supporters in sunglasses and bandanas. Stalking. These were just a few of the things that Denver Pro-Life Future experienced on Saturday, April 8th, during our “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” outreach.

It was 2:45pm. As I looked around to find our group, a middle-aged lady came up and asked if I was meeting people here.

“Yes, I’m meeting a group here. Are you?” I responded.

“Yes, but what group are you with?” she asked.

“Is it something about Planned Parenthood?”

“Yes, but which side are you on?”

“I’m with the Denver Pro-Life Future group, and we’re informing people about community health centers.”

“Well, I’m on the other side,” she said backing away from me.

I attempted to build a bridge by introducing myself. She told me that her name was Robin and that she wanted to let people know that Planned Parenthood did cancer screenings and helped women who would die from having their babies.

“Community health centers offer breast exams and mammograms, and if a woman’s life is in danger, an early delivery can be done,” I responded. However, Robin wasn’t receptive to this information.

Shortly after meeting Robin, the rest of the Denver Pro-Life Future group arrived. We decided to hold the “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” banners to engage passersby on the downtown Denver 16th Street Mall, which is famous for shops and foot traffic.

On the way to pick up the banners from my car, a young photographer stopped us, asking what petition we were having people sign. “We’re with Denver Pro-Life Future, and we are letting people know why we don’t need Planned Parenthood.” “Oh,” he said stepping back. “I’m pro-life. I don’t support Planned Parenthood,” as if he thought we did. “We are too! Want to join us and help with our event?!”

Our newest Pro-Life Future member, Leon became our event photographer and stuck by us for the whole event. He even held one of our “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” banners.

Back at the appointed corner of Arapahoe and 16th Street, we revealed our banners and began to engage people in conversation. One man in sunglasses standing by Robin came up, and I introduced myself. “What’s your name?” I asked. “I’m your biggest fan,” he responded with a smirk.

Denver- My Body My ChoiceIn a minute, a car drove by and dropped off several more Planned Parenthood supporters. Most wore dark sunglasses, bright yellow safety vests. Two of the new arrivals covered their faces with navy blue bandanas.

Soon the Planned Parenthood supporters turned up their portable stereo, blasting music in an attempt to drown out our conversations. The group began jumping and dancing. They chanted loudly, “Anti-Planned Parenthood, Anti-Choice, Anti-Woman.”

Needless to say, their efforts to intimidate us didn’t work. We stayed and continued to outreach to passersby.

Helping a homeless father, Informing a student

Towards the beginning of the event, I met a young man who told me that he just found out that his wife was three weeks pregnant. This was an unplanned pregnancy, and he was homeless and struggling to find a place to live. I gave him info on a local family shelter, the community health center info card, and a drop card for Alternatives Pregnancy Center where he and his wife could receive material support.

Next, a man on his bike stopped and began dialoguing with the Planned Parenthood supporters. I approached him and informed him of the community health centers. He was surprised and left mentioning that they were “pretty lit.” One of the Planned Parenthood supporters turned to me and said, “You really prepped for this.” “Yes, of course, I did!” I responded.

After this interaction, the Planned Parenthood crew must have realized that when we [the Pro-Life Future group] engaged in honest, respectful dialogue with passersby, we changed hearts. So, from here on out, they got vicious. They began shouting in our ears, whistling when we were talking to pedestrians, and tearing up any postcards that people dropped after they yelled at them to throw away our postcards which were “lies.” They shouted, “Agent Orange kills. Don’t take the orange pill” (referring to our orange banners and flyers).

At one point, the Planned Parenthood supporter who had previously introduced himself as “Your Biggest Fan” shouted, “That [flyer] is anti-woman…!” A few minutes later, I mentioned to him, “You notice that I’m a woman, right?” He scoffed, “Yes, and that’s what really perturbs me!”

I smiled inside. If only he knew that the Pro-Life Movement is largely comprised of women!

Another notable moment was when a high school guy took our card and wanted to hear what I had to say. During the conversation, one of the protestors came up and literally touched my arm with her arm. I could feel our arm hairs touching. As I tried to explain to the high school student about community health centers, the Planned Parenthood girl shouted in his ear. Finally, he heard me tell him to take the card and read it. A few steps away, he looked back and me and smiled. I returned his smile with a smile and a thumbs up. We both knew that we were on the same side.

What happened next

Many of the pedestrians were turned off by the Planned Parenthood supporters’ abrasive, rude, and uncivilized behavior. However, what I’ve just described wasn’t what made this the most intense pro-life activism I’ve ever experienced. It was what happened next.

Around 5pm, we rolled up our banners and split ways with five of us heading towards my car. Three of the Planned Parenthood supporters (i.e. the two with bandanas and their main ringleader) followed us only a few feet behind. At first, it was humorous, and we joked with them.Denver PLF- Stalking

They didn’t stop following us. When we stood across the street from my car – two blocks away from our event location – I decided to walk past where my car was parked. Then the five of us slit up. The Planned Parenthood supporters didn’t follow my group of three girls; so we breathed a sigh of relief and decided to walk around the block just to make sure that we had lost them. I called the other Pro-Life Future members and asked them to meet me at my car.

When we walked around the block and came to my car, the masked Planned Parenthood supporters were somehow across the street and started yelling, “My Body, My Choice!” We again continued walking past my car as they crossed to our side of the street.

We quickly walked down the block and ducked behind a building. At this point, I was ready to call the police if they continued to follow us. Fortunately, they didn’t.

We will not be intimidated

Saturday was intense. It was the most intense pro-life outreach I have ever done, but I am proud to have worked alongside Denver Pro-Life Future to share accurate, life-affirming information and resources through our We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood display. Despite the aggressive efforts of these Planned Parenthood supporters, we will continue to respectfully and truthfully engage the public. We are not alone in this. We are the Pro-Life Generation, and yes, we will abolish abortion in our lifetime.

Denver PLF- Group


This post is contributed by Bethany Janzen, Students for Life of America Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator. For more information on SFLA’s “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” display, please see our website: www.wedontneedpp.com. 

Why pro-lifers are so focused on defunding Planned Parenthood

By Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America

“Why are pro-lifers so focused on defunding Planned Parenthood?” This is the ever-present question we get asked multiple times a day from students on college campuses, sometimes even the ones who self-identify as pro-life, as well as legislators in state and federal government.

The pro-life movement is laser-focused on removing taxpayer money from Planned Parenthood for many reasons but the top one is that they are the nation’s largest abortion vendor, committing one-third of all abortions, which is equal to about 324,000 per year, or 888 per day.

There is a government law that prohibits federal funds from paying for most abortions called the Hyde Amendment, which is what Planned Parenthood points to when questioned on taxpayer money paying for abortions.

 What the Hyde Amendment doesn’t prohibit federal funds from paying for are abortionist salaries for their non-abortion work, medical equipment, rent costs, advertising, staff salaries, or all the other expenses that come with running an abortion facility. It’s called fungibility, and it means that money is interchangeable and all goes into one big pot of funds, which is used to pay for everything Planned Parenthood needs to operate.

So while federal funds aren’t paying directly for abortion, they are paying for everything that enables Planned Parenthood to be the largest vendor of abortions in the country.

Read more at The Hill on why defunding Planned Parenthood can lead to the collapse of the entire abortion industry in the country.

We need your baby socks!

SockIt2PP DemonstrationIt’s now April, and our #SockIt2PP campaign is well underway. There are literally thousands of baby socks pouring into the Students for Life of America headquarters. As the April 18th campaign deadline approaches, we need all hands on deck to reach our goal of 323,999 socks (representing the children killed by Planned Parenthood).

Is your Pro-Life Future group involved? Have you started brainstorming event ideas and collecting socks? It’s not too late to get involved as an individual or as a group. Here is what you need to do…


Email Students for Life at info@studentsforlife.org to let us know if your group is coordinating a collection and how many socks you are pledging to collect.


Not sure how to collect 100’s or 1,000’s of socks?! You can collect the socks and/or collect monetary donations (to buy the socks or donate to the campaign). Here are three ideas:

  1. Go to church: Ask your local churches if they would allow you to host a table outside of their church services. Have a jar or box to collect monetary donations, and provide a basket or box for sock donations. Decorate your table with a table covering, balloons, or other cute items. See Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future’s church collection table for ideas.
  2. Enlist the help of your mom friends and relatives: Make a Facebook announcement and/or personal requests for any stray baby socks! Ask your mom friends, or even consider reaching out to local women’s and moms’ groups (e.g. church groups, MOPS).
  3. Host a social: Invite your friends to a social night at your house. It could be a wine and beer night, themed party, or even a Murder Mystery party. Ask all guests to bring along a baby sock (or set of socks!) as their ticket into the party.

Lehigh PLF- SockIt2PP- 1


Don’t forget to offer participants to sign the “Message to Congress”! These can be printed, distributed, and collected at your events.

Message to Congress


Post pictures and videos of your #SockIt2PP events and sock collections on social media using the hashtag #SockIt2PP . The more creative, the more awesome. Don’t forget to tag @ProLifeFuture and @StudentsForLife.

#5: mail your socks

Get your socks in the mail by Tuesday, April 18th. Use the following mailing address to submit your socks and signed copies of the “Message to Congress”:

Students for Life of America
Attn: #SockIt2PP Campaign
P.O. Box 96960
Washington, DC 20090-6960


The winning group will win a trip for 5 to the Students for Life of America National Conference, next January!! Other prizes will include a Cemetery of the Innocents display and speakers for your group.


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director, on April 6, 2017.

Sock Race Competition Announced!

You’ve heard about how we are going to #Sockit2PP, right? We are collecting 323,999 baby socks – one for each victim of abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood last year – and delivering them to Congress in efforts to show lawmakers that we want no more taxpayer money going to the abortion giant.

We are also asking supporters to pin a baby sock to their garment, backpack, jacket, etc. to spark conversations about defunding Planned Parenthood and why it is so important that we do. In short, they are the biggest player in the abortion industry – they make the most money, file the most lawsuits, have the biggest PR budget, do the most abortions. If they fall, so does the abortion industry.

We understand that collecting nearly 324,000 baby socks is a massive undertaking but you know what, it’s go big or go home here at Pro-Life Future. But really, we need your help.

To help move things along, we are launching a national Sock Race competition to see which Pro-Life Future chapters and Students for Life groups can turn in the most baby socks with Messages to Congress.sockit2pp logo

The Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for 5 to the Students for Life of America National Conference next January! More details and the entry form will be sent soon from your Pro-Life Future Director.

But we need to hurry. We must have all socks mailed into us by Tuesday, April 18th to qualify for the national Sock Race! All socks must be mailed to:

Students for Life of America
Attn: #SockIt2PP Campaign
P.O. Box 96960
Washington, DC 20090-6960

Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: Download our free #Sockit2PP Digital Tool Kit for your campus

STEP 2: Organize the #Sockit2PP campaign on your campus

STEP 3: Collect as many baby socks as you can from local Goodwills, stores, and parents to use for your campaign

STEP 4: Hold your #Sockit2PP campaign, gathering socks and helping people send a message to Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

STEP 5: Email Beth Rahal at brahal@prolifefuture.org to let her know how many socks you’ve collected, and then ship in your socks. Remember to include contact information for your group in the package(s), so we can record how many socks your group turned in.

Easy, right?

Let’s do this #ProLifeGen.


Welcome, Denver Pro-Life Future!

DenverPLF LogoOn Thursday, March 9th, the Pro-Life Future program welcomed our 17th official Pro-Life Future young adult group, Denver Pro-Life Future. The new chapter hosted their official launch event at The Irish Snug complete with great friends, good food, and supportive community allies.

Chapter founder and president, Christina Coffman, shared with us why she decided to get involved in Pro-Life Future and the purpose of this chapter:

“I just recently moved to Denver and one of the first things I noticed was that this city is passionately pro-life.  The pro-life movement in Denver has been growing with much of the momentum coming from young adults in the community. At the Denver March for Life this year, I met several people that wanted to be involved beyond the March. Denver Pro-Life Future has five main objectives. First, we will provide trainings to equip people with the tools to be effective activists.  Additionally, we will begin regular sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic. We will also go out to the 16th St Mall, a popular street in Denver, to initiate conversations regarding the dignity of life. Our fourth objective is to lobby for pro-life bills and finally we would like to work as a team alongside other local pro-life efforts.”

The group gained the support of local politician, Senator Tim Neville. At the launch, Senator Neville affirmed his strong pro-life values and his willingness to defend all human life. “I believe in life at conception until natural death.” He had the crowd laughing with his personal anecdotes of life as a pro-life politician and conversations with pro-choice constituents.

Christina Coffman shared the group’s enthusiasm for the senator’s support. “We are so grateful to have the support of Senator Tim Neville. During the launch on Thursday Senator Neville said, “What could you do that is more important than saving the life of a baby?”  He is passionately pro-life and supportive of our new chapter! “

Bethany Janzen, also joined the group for the launch party. As the Rocky Mountains Regional Coordinator, Bethany works with Students for Life of America’s high school and college outreach. She was excited about the timing of this new young adult pro-life group in Denver. “With graduation approaching, the Denver Pro-Life Future chapter provides the perfect community for graduating Students for Life leaders in the Denver area to continue their pro-life activism in their community and alongside their peers.”

Beth Rahal, SFLA’s new Pro-Life Future Director, shared, “It’s exciting to see pro-life young adults mobilizing and starting new chapters in cities across the country. Pro-Life Future chapters create purposeful, impactful opportunities for young adults to influence the culture and laws of their communities.

We welcome our fellow Pro-Life Future members and supporters to follow Denver Pro-Life Future on Facebook and to join us in congratulating this new chapter on a successful launch.

Denver PLF Launch - Group Photo

Making Susan B. Anthony Proud

Pro-Life Future chapters recently took the opportunity of Susan B Anthony’s birthday to reach new audiences with the pro-life ethic and message: young adult peers and the often radically pro-abortion women calling themselves feminists.

“We wanted to celebrate Susan B.,” said one chapter member in Boston. “And celebrate life. And show that women’s rights and babies’ rights go hand-in-hand, aren’t in conflict. You can’t let someone kill a child without hurting the mother.”

What chapters also set out to do was extend awareness of Susan B. Anthony’s pro-life feminism. Her legacy was one of fighting for women’s rights; and since she was consistent, she never included abortion – then called “Restilism” – in her definition of rights.

“How can killing another human person be a right? It can’t.” SusanBAnthony

One of the things chapters did to raise awareness, and reach people not generally in touch with the idea of pro-life feminism, or Anthony’s authentic legacy, was flood social media with quotes, articles, Facebook posts and tweets, all relating back to the theme “#SusanBProLife” and “#ProLifeFeminist”.

In Boston, a quote from the 1872 Revolution (Anthony’s feminist newspaper), was circulated widely. It comes from the article entitled “Babies”, and reads:

We love babies. We confess it without a blush, and experience a reckless satisfaction in thinking what a number of gentlemen there will be amongst our readers upon whom this unqualified assertion will come as a shock. Yet who could pity a man who does not love babies? Let ANY man object to the little plump precursors of posterity, and he places you at once in possession of the exact breadth and dimension of his mind. Dr. Johnson used to proportion the value of a man’s intellect to the quality of his humour. We go further, and proportion a man’s intellect to the capacity of his sympathies. The test of a man’s sympathies is his love for babies. He that has not this love in his soul let him not be trusted.

“Loving babies has to mean loving women too,” said Anna, from the Lehigh Valley Chapter.

The Boston Events Coordinator, Stephanie, quoted from Susan B. herself, in her typically steely style: “I deplore the horrible crime of child-murder…We want prevention, not merely punishment. We must reach the root of the evil, and destroy it.”

“Some of what Anthony wrote sounded a little guilt-ridden – but I love how she addresses the fault of men in the issue. That men force women into a place where they feel obligated [to kill their child],” said Stephanie.SBA Day - 2 prolife feminists - lehigh (002)

Chapters, however, kept it both serious and light. Boston planned a pro-life feminist flash mob (unfortunately snowed out); in San Francisco, the team suggested wearing the red shawl (one thing Anthony was rarely seen without) and allowing it to spark conversation in the SF bar scene.

“Hosting this event gave me the opportunity to talk about Susan B. Anthony and her crucial role in the women’s suffrage movement,” said Terrisa, San Francisco PLF president. “So many of my friends were unaware of how instrumental she was in establishing equal rights for women under the law, and certainly did not know she was pro-life. It’s exciting to celebrate feminism in a way that’s totally inclusive and truly progressive. We must spread the word far and wide that the earliest feminists were consistent in their application of human rights and rightfully saw the lethal discrimination against the unborn to be in direct opposition to equality.”

Lehigh Valley also did a quick overview of how to write an op-ed, encouraging their members as well as all other chapters to send out pieces to their local or national newspapers this week, discussing Susan B. Anthony’s pro-life feminism.  Even Phoenix, a chapter just taking off, took the chance to talk #SusanBProLife to the Arizona community, using momentum from their amazing Defund Planned Parenthood Rally last weekend.

At the end of the day, it is almost impossible to gauge just how many the nationwide Pro-Life Future event reached. But what was clear was just how much creativity and energy the Pro-Life Future network of chapters has – their ability to reach new audiences, act on the fly, and use innovative strategies for making abortion unthinkable in their regions. This event built relationships within chapters; but it also built them between chapter members and fellow young adults who might never have spoken with a pro-lifer in any other context.

I think Susan B. Anthony – in her own dogged, creative, and consistent dedication to defending the most vulnerable as an activist and a woman – would have been proud.



2017 Pro-Life Future Chapters of the Year

Our first ever Pro-Life Future Chapters of the Year on the East and West Coast were given out at our national conferences last month!  While Pro-Life Future has only existed for two years, there were plenty of chapters to choose from who are doing amazing work in their communities to make abortion unthinkable.

We are so proud of all of our Pro-Life Future chapters but are especially pleased to honor these two groups this year.  It is so inspiring to see how these chapters have put the Pro-Life Future resources to use and seeing the landscape of their regions change as they reach the culture – the culture of our generation, so often unreached – is enough to show what an abortion free nation might just look like.


In California, Orange County Pro-Life Future started out holding a highly successful duo of recruitment events, with one tied to a training event over the summer. From there, they’ve gone on to host David Daleiden, who exposed Planned Parenthood’s illicit sales of aborted baby parts, partnered with the local Catholic diocese, and have been asked to facilitate and run the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign. And they’re just getting started!


It is hard to say what Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future hasn’t done. They have done everything from lobbying local legislators on pro-life bills to canvassing during the hot, Leheigh Valleysummer months for signatures to support Pennsylvania’s late-term abortion ban. They group has coordinated trainings on pro-life apologetics, dialoguing, and fundraising, volunteering at the local pregnancy resource center, put on an entire 5K run benefitting the babies of a mother’s home, and experimented with social media projects to reach more young adults in their community.

Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future has built an incredible team well-educated and passionate pro-life young adults.

Congratulations Lehigh and Orange County!  Knowing your teams though, probably a greater award for each of you is seeing your efforts put abortion where it belongs: a tragedy of the past.