Following a historic month of rallies and protests against Planned Parenthood stemming from undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood abortionists haggling over the price of aborted baby parts and skirting abortion laws, Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Pro-Life Future (PLF) will host a #WomenBetrayed rally and press conference in Washington, DC on Thursday, September 10th to urge Congress to defund the abortion giant in this year’s budget.

“Planned Parenthood’s back is up against the wall as they have been struggling to explain how they aren’t profiting off of selling the body parts of the babies they abort every day,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “Pro-life groups have been trying to defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayer dollars for years. This year, Republican leadership can make sure it happens.”Sept 10th 1

The #WomenBetrayed rally will feature GOP presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). It will also highlight several women who have gone to Planned Parenthood for healthcare services and had horrible experiences. SFLA and PLF are partnering with former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson and her ministry, And Then There Were None, to expose the abortion giant and their mistreatment of women and the dismembering of their babies.

More speakers will be announced as the date gets closer.

“Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion a year from taxpayers. Congress must pass a budget that strikes their funding and send the bill to President Obama,” said Brendan O’Morchoe, Director of Pro-Life Future. “Planned Parenthood’s entire business model is built on selling out women and their preborn babies for profit. They treat women horribly, and we plan to make sure that Congress hears from these women.”

Following the rally, participants will be lobbying their Members of Congress to pass a budget which does not fund Planned Parenthood.

For more information, see www.womenbetrayed.com.

#WomenBetrayed Speak Out Day

As the undercover Planned Speak out dayParenthood videos keep coming out every week, it deepens my resolve to defund the abortion giant even more. How dare our nation fund this organization every single year with taxpayer dollars totaling over half a billion dollars? How dare our elected officials vote to give our hard-earned money over to Planned Parenthood when there are literally thousands of other federally-funded health centers that do exactly what Planned Parenthood does – except provide abortions?

Last month, Students for Life of America and Pro-Life Future hosted #WomenBetrayed rallies in over 65 cities. The response was incredible and the media took notice – there were over 520 stories written in 34 states – so our message that Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded immediately and that they betray women, their supposed most cherished clientele, was heard loud and clear.

Now it’s time for our elected officials to get the message. We are hosting a national #WomenBetrayed Speak Out Day tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18th. It’s time to tell your federal and state officials that they need to vote to defund Planned Parenthood. We are also asking supporters to attend local Townhalls and ask your representatives why they are voting to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars.

You join sign up to join a Speak Out Day at www.womenbetrayed.com. There you will find everything you need to lobby your elected officials, including:

  1. The cities where we are hosting #WomenBetrayed Speak Out days also on our homepage at womenbetrayed.com.
  2. A #WomenBetrayed action kit, which includes talking points on how to talk to your elected official, sample letter to your representative and sample letters to the editor to send to your local newspapers. You can download it directly here: studentsforlife.org/files/2015/07/Women-Betrayed-Action-Kit-.pdf.
  3. A replay of the #WomenBetrayed webcast, which details how to lobby elected officials and participate in townhalls.
  4. A list of Townhalls across the nation (and sample questions to ask!). Remember, if you go to a Townhall meeting and get video of your question and answer time, send it to us immediately at info@studentsforlife.org.
  5. A list of Members of Congress who have received donations from Planned Parenthood, go here.

August is the perfect time to try to talk to your elected officials as most are home from Washington, DC. Have any questions? Ask us at info@prolifefuture.org.

Now let’s go out and make sure our voices are heard by our Members of Congress and tell them to defund Planned Parenthood. Now.

United Way Must Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

Students for Life of America (SFLA) and leading pro-life news organization LifeSiteNews are urging United Way to stop funding Planned Parenthood, in light of Congress’ investigation of the abortion giant: www.boycottunitedway.org.

While United Way has long said it does not partner with America’s largest abortion company, 67 of its local affiliates do — to the tune of $2 million per year, according to the BUW-Meme3corporate watchdog 2nd Vote.

“We are horrified that United Way, which does so much good around the world, would allow its affiliates to donate to an organization that eliminates children, sells fetal parts for profit, and breaks state and federal laws,” said LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen and SFLA president Kristan Hawkins.

“Any money whatsoever going to Planned Parenthood contributes to the more than 327,000 abortions they commit every year and the harvesting and selling of the body parts of aborted babies,” said Hawkins. “If organizations refuse to stop funding Planned Parenthood, they are complicit in what Planned Parenthood is doing. What generous donor will continue to fund groups who support the nation’s largest abortion chain, one which has been caught on tape haggling over the price of the body parts of aborted children?”

“United Way says its members do not fund abortions,” said Westen. “However, money is fungible — a donated dollar that pays for staplers frees up another dollar to be used to dismember the unborn, and sell their body parts. It is extremely troubling that United Way won’t back down on its complicity in Planned Parenthood’s morally and legally atrocious business practices, despite the forthcoming investigations by Congress.”

SFLA and LifeSiteNews are urging pro-life Americans and all who care about helping the poor and downtrodden to send an email to United Way’s president, demanding the organization stop funding Planned Parenthood through all local chapters immediately. The email can be read and signed at the website www.boycottUnitedWay.org.

The email holds all signers to a simple pledge: “I will not be supporting any United Way local chapter. I do not support the harvesting and selling of the body parts of aborted babies, either directly or indirectly, and neither should any chapter of United Way. No amount of good the United Way does can make up for the atrocities committed with the money that your affiliates, no matter how small a number of them, give to Planned Parenthood.”

“Our goal is simple,” said Westen and Hawkins. “SFLA and LifeSiteNews want the American people to know  which companies are supporting and funding Planned Parenthood, a supposed non-profit that netted $127 million in net profit, according to their most recent annual report.”

“This is the same group that has no problems harming women, covering up sexual abuse and sex trafficking, and profiting off of the organs of their aborted children,” said the pro-life leaders.

All data and research about Planned Parenthood funding has been taken from 2nd Vote.

“It’s disappointing that United Way as an organization would claim neutrality on the Life issue, but still allow its affiliates to funnel millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood,” said 2nd Vote Outreach Director Jake DeVantier. “In light of the recent release of videos that supposedly show Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of body parts and tissues for profit, we urge United Way’s leadership to hold the 67 affiliates that contribute to Planned Parenthood accountable and to request that they to discontinue all funding of Planned Parenthood.

For more information, see www.boycottUnitedWay.org.

Women Facing Poverty Need Resources and Real Aid—Not Abortion

By Leslie Bosslet, Kansas City Pro-Life Future

Financial hardships are one of the most prominent reasons women seek abortion, especially at the pregnancy resource center (PRC) where I serve. Many are unemployed, and others already have multiple children. Staff and volunteers’ duty, first and foremost, is to listen to each incredibly strong woman and to praise her for her hard work as a mother and a struggling provider. Our second job is to educate them on what abortion is if she agrees to learn about it.

We do not judge or condemn, but we Helplinesimply tell the truth about abortion and not only what it would do to her child, but what it can do to her, including lifelong physical and emotional ripple effects. If she stops us there, we respect her desire to shield herself from the harsh reality of abortion and move on. Then we dive into the abundant resources we have, especially for women in poverty.

I am not claiming that pregnancy clinics like ours solve poverty, or even dig clients completely out of poverty. But we do pour ourselves into each visit we have, and we truly strive to quiet the deafening financial noise from a client’s situation. We have paid clients’ rent and utility bills; we even covered part of a family member’s funeral arrangements. If we can lessen burdens like these, we can help a woman focus on the life she is carrying and to acknowledge that her baby is no less worthy of a birthday than babies who will be born into financial comfort.

Unlike abortion facilities that haphazardly and violently place bandages on the “problem” of the baby, we direct a mother’s attention to the roots of her problems in order to help her stop the cycle of poverty she is in:

  • Is she struggling to make a living because she did not finish high school? We direct her to GED classes.
  • Is she unable to find work? We refer her to job consultant ministries who will help her fine tune her resume.
  • Is she unaware of other organizations’ assistance? We make countless referrals to food providers, diaper distributers, state insurance, free clinics, child care, reduced housing, and even legal aid, if needed.
  • Does she realize she cannot provide for a child but another family would love to? We connect her to a compassionate adoption agency.
  • Does she fear she does not have the knowledge parents need? We provide personal classes that educate on healthy pregnancies and meaningful motherhood.
  • Does she hold the father accountable for his actions and ask him to provide for the child? We sure do ask fathers to do so in our conversations.

Along with these referrals we encourage, encourage, encourage by making thousands of phone calls, sending cards, and building relationships.  Name any abortion facility that attempts to tackle the roots of financial burdens with the kind of practical assistance and emotional support that PRCs do. They would rather continue that cycle of poverty by pushing abortion again and again

I am not patting myself on the back, nor is this a request for recognition of all PRCs and our work. The Lord knows we are not perfect, and so do we. If a woman is not interested in these services, we respect her and ask her to return for support when she feels ready. Our job is to not only honor the lives of preborn children, but to uphold the dignity of the women and families we serve.

If we agree that abortion solves poverty, are we not consenting to killing innocent human beings in order to survive? It does not have to come to that. Abortion does not help bring women out of poverty. We often hear in pro-life circles that women deserve better than abortion, and this is true. That statement includes all women, dare I say especially those facing poverty.

Leslie Bosslet is a counselor at Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic in Kansas City and is helping to start a Pro-Life Future chapter in Kansas City to grow the pro-life movement bring more resources to women in need.

Share Your Knowledge


Pro-Life Future continues to grow andWeAreTheProtestors develop more resources for pro-life young adults, and we need your help to be the best possible resource we can be for you! Over the coming months, we’ll be asking YOU what you want and need from Pro-Life Future to better serve chapters, members, and other pro-life young adults in communities all over the country. One of the first resources we’ll be releasing this fall is a guidebook for chapters and activists on how to be better pro-life leaders, organizers, and activists.

This guidebook will include step-by-step instructions for how to host events that will have real impact on the community. As pro-lifers, we need to be getting out into the public square, having conversations and building relationships with people. And that is one of the central tenets of Pro-Life Future. We want to help pro-lifers get out and go door to door, organize rallies and counter-protests, praying outside of abortion facilities, and supporting pregnancy centers.

Part of what Pro-Life Future accomplishes is fostering a network of young pro-lifers to share ideas, successes and failures. If something worked well in your community, or you have always wanted to try something, this is your chance to tell us about it, so we can spread it around the country.

What successful pro-life activities and events do you think we should include in this guidebook? This could be anything, big or small, easy or hard, for individuals or groups. Your ideas and input will make a difference in changing hearts and saving lives across the country.

To contribute ideas to this upcoming guidebook, email Brendan O’Morchoe at brendan@prolifefuture.org. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being part of this exciting project!

What Now?

So, you’ve just graduated from college. You might be a little scared. You’re excited for the future. You’re looking for new things to do. And you’re missing your friends (more like family, right?) from your Students for Life group. How do you stay active in the pro-life movement? What can you do now to continue making an impact? Whether you’re moving to a new city, or staying close to home, the opportunities are out there and the pro-life movement needs your help.

Spend a little time on Google (Elie Wieselyes, it is useful for more than just writing papers at the last minute) to find the pro-life organizations in your city. These might be the same groups you knew in college, or an entirely new landscape. Either way, they are all looking for volunteers. There will be pregnancy centers that need help with anything from answering phones and organizing supplies to accounting and finances, prayer warriors that need reinforcements, and legislative groups that need young pro-lifers lobbying and writing to our elected representatives. Maybe the local pro-life groups need someone with visual arts skills to help design the materials they pass out to pregnant women, or ads for their events and services. Maybe they need someone who can help with social media networks and inviting more people to join us. I’m only scratching the surface here, but you can see that there are countless ways for you to continue what you did in college (or try something new!) to help save pre-born babies and their mothers.

This is why we have started Pro-Life Future: to help you find your place in the pro-life movement and bring young adults together as one community. Chapters guide young adults, looking for how to get or stay involved, to a place where they can best serve.

We cannot allow the busy-ness of our newfound post-college lives to hold us back. Yes, there are new responsibilities: paying bills, finding your way in a new job, establishing yourself in a new community, to name a few, but we cannot fall away from the pro-life movement. You have spent years training and learning how to be a pro-life leader. You are a pro-life leader. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader in your local pro-life movement.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there in new and challenging ways. Our task is too important. Our generation will be the one to abolish abortion, and we need everyone to be part of it.

Are You Out of College?

Pro-Life Future, a new initiative of Students for Life of America for young, pro-life adults, launched last week to mobilize communities to abolish abortion in our lifetime. This is a brand-new grassroots effort for young adults to stay active in the pro-life movement after college. Pro-Life Future starts chapters in cities for young adults to gather for fellowship and action, like an extension of your Students for Life group into your post-graduate life. Just because you are not in school, doesn’t mean your pro-life commitment is over.

Pro-Life Future chapters give young photo 3pro-lifers a home in the pro-life movement. There are so many ways to stay involved, but we know that we have to have a community to build our movement. Do you have friends at work who are pro-life, but have never done anything for it? Invite them to join Pro-Life Future to introduce them to the thousands of people just like them who are pro-life and proud, who want to do anything they can to abolish abortion in our lifetime. Pro-Life Future chapters meet regularly for social time, to learn about pro-life issues, and to plan for action.

It isn’t enough to just meet and talk, we have to be out in our communities, walking the walk. Whether this is supporting local pregnancy centers and right to life groups with their needs, starting new initiatives in your city, helping pregnant women in need, getting out and doing activism, or having conversations with your neighbors about abortion, we will continue to change our nation one person at a time.

You have been trained to be a pro-life leader and advocate. Your candle has been lit. Don’t let that flame go out. Take your light out beyond your campus walls to chase the darkness of abortion out of our communities. Being pro-life is a lifelong commitment that is only just beginning.

Join Pro-Life Future by signing up for our action alerts on the right side of this page, joining our social media communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sharing our mission with your friends. To start a Pro-Life Future chapter in your city, or find out how to join an existing one, email us at info@prolifefuture.org. We are here for you.


Pro-Life Future will be a national grassroots program for young pro-lifers

(Spotsylvania, VA – April 30, 2015) – Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization with over 800 groups on college and high school campuses, is announcing a brand new initiative aimed at young, pro-life adults that will continue to involve them in the pro-life movement beyond their high school and college experiences.

Pro-Life Future is a national, grassroots initiative of Students for Life of America, which will bring together like-minded pro-life young adults and provide them with a place to meet for fellowship and action. Since 2006, SFLA has trained more than 20,000 young pro-life leaders, effectively changing the face of the pro-life movement, and Pro-Life Future will be an exciting avenue for those same leaders to stay involved in the movement, connect with other pro-lifers and engage in activism.

“After college graduation, many of these leaders get lost in the busy-ness of the ‘real world’ and they don’t know where they fit in, what they should do, or how to organize with other pro-lifers,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.  “This generation of young pro-lifers needs to feel like they belong or our movement will lose them.”

Pro-Life Future chapters will educate and train members to effectively advocate for pro-life causes, help and participate with existing pro-life programs in their city, and reach out to communicate with new audiences, not being reached by the pro-life movement.

“Members of Pro-Life Future chapters will stand at the ready to end abortion in their communities,” said Brendan O’Morchoe, Director of Pro-Life Future. “The program is so unique because not only does nothing else like it exist at a national level but it will start with leaders that have already been trained as students who work to support and reinforce the great pro-life work already happening in our cities.”

“Through Pro-Life Future, our generation will continue to influence our culture through action and witness and work to abolish abortion in our lifetime,” said Hawkins. “We envision a world in which no woman feels that abortion is her only choice. We envision a world that protects and respects the dignity of all human persons. We envision a world freed from abortion.”

Visit www.ProLifeFuture.org for more information.

To speak with Kristan Hawkins or Brendan O’Morchoe, please contact Kristina Hernandez at media@studentsforlife.org or 908-902-8473.

Why I’m Starting a Pro-Life Future Chapter

By Sara Van Hoose, President, Buffalo Pro-Life Future

Through the work of Students for Life of America, college campuses have become the face of the pro life movement. Our cause is no longer seen as a group of old men trying to take away the rights of women. The up and coming generations have become engaged and focused on influencing their peers to realize the sanctity of human life. They are bringing awareness to the “why” behind the movement, challenging their peers to examine their views, and recruiting new members to their clubs. They are involved politically and socially, and most importantly the groups are growing more and more every year. Students who formerly identified as pro-choice or lacked an opinion on the subject now graduate as Pro-Life activists. Graduates are armed with the tools that they learned through their Pro-Life clubs- how to speak about abortion effectively, how to bring awareness to the cause, and how to spread the movement.

A handful of these students graduate and join theIMG_2731 movement professionally, and are able to continue their work. However, for many of these students, such as myself, graduation is an unfortunate stalling point for our involvement in the movement During my college years I was leading a club on one of the most liberal campuses in the country. Within the University at Buffalo Students for Life Club we were motivating each other, attending group meetings that kept us committed and engaged, we had a specific targeted audience on campus, and we had clear guidance on the laws that protected our rights to act. However, after graduation there is no group meeting to attend, no focused group of peers to join, no student union to put a table in. We’re left in a state of limbo – no longer able to be a part of our former community and there is no new community of peers to join.

There are certainly events for young adults to take a part in. For example, March for Life, lobby days, and Life Chain. However, there is no group of peers to attend these events with. Who do you travel to Washington with? Who do you stand with for Life Chain? Many churches have pro life committees. However, many of them are comprised of a different generation with different goals than ours. I have taken part in several different church Pro-Life Committees. They are all doing great work and serve a purpose within the movement.

I am disappointed to say that while my passion for the Pro-Life cause has never wavered in the 3 years since I graduated college, my involvement has stalled completely. This is why I am so excited for the launch of Pro-Life Future. Currently there is a generational gap in the movement that must be filled. College students are engaged more than ever before. Middle aged and retirees are continuing to be very active in the movement. Now, through the creation of Pro-Life Future, Generation Y will also have a home within the movement and a group of peers to band together with. Together, we will achieve an end to abortion!

Pro-Life Future Launches in Chicago

This past Saturday, Pro-Life Future, a new division of Students for Life of America for young, pro-life adults and alumni of Students for Life campus groups, successfully launched in Chicago with special guest Jason Jones and a private, opening weekendIMG_2731 screening of Little Boy, a film about the power of faith to accomplish anything.

More than 40 young adults gathered at a restaurant in Chicago for the first-ever meeting of a Pro-Life Future chapter. After some time for food, fellowship and meeting new friends, Brendan O’Morchoe, Director of Pro-Life Future, and Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, introduced the new program. Pro-Life Future is a community of young, pro-life adults who will work together to abolish abortion in our communities. We know that for anyone to stay engaged and active in a social movement, they have to feel like they belong, like there is a community of people all fighting for the same goal. When students graduate and leave the Students for Life group that was like family for them, they feel separated from the movement. For us to abolish abortion in our lifetime, we must continue to train and develop leaders and activists, and take that momentum from college out into the world, working in our communities to defend the rights of the pre-born.

Jason Jones, producer of films such as Bella and Crescendo, then spoke about his experience with abortion, how when he was a teenager, his girlfriend’s father forced her to have an abortion, how he promised that he would end abortion, and how that has grown into his pro-life work today. He reminded us that we have a duty to stand up, to take risks,
IMG_2732to call abortion what it is and to take action to end it. We have to be there for each of the women facing abortion and we have to be in our communities working against abortion. This is the greatest human rights injustice our world has ever known, and we cannot sit back and let it happen.

After the reception for Pro-Life Future, we hosted a private screening of Little Boy for more than 80 pro-lifers of all ages in Chicago. Written and directed by Smithsonian Institute Award winner Alejandro Monteverde and staring Kevin James and Emily Watson, Little Boy tells the story of a 7-year-old little boy whose faith and love for his father leads him to do anything to bring his father back alive from World War II. This is a beautiful, life-affirming film that will truly impact culture. It reminded us that we have to have the courage to believe that we will end abortion.

With the successful launch of Chicago Pro-Life Future, we will be starting chapters in cities all across America. These chapters will continue the work of Students for LifePicture2 groups from college campuses into our cities and communities. The activities of each
chapter will depend on the needs of its community. Our goals are to support the pro-life
organizations already active in our communities by volunteering with Pregnancy Resource Centers, and working on pro-life initiatives and campaigns; to try new things, expand the reach of the pro-life movement and doing what needs to be done to fill the gaps; and to continue to influence our peers, inviting new people to join our movement. While these goals will look different in every city, the central goal is the same: to mobilize communities to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

To start a chapter, or find out how to be a part of Pro-Life Future, email us at info@prolifefuture.org.