Pro-Life Future of San Francisco is making waves in CA!

Pro-Life Future of San Francisco has been making a name for themselves in the pro-life movement in California. This Pro-Life Future chapter has consistently and boldly taken on the task of defending pro-life activists David Daleidan and Sandra Merritt (who are under attack for their efforts to expose the corruption of the abortion industry), and their chapter is also heavily focused on fighting against a new Planned Parenthood facility in their community.

We love this chapter’s style! They are persistent, sassy, and fearless, and they are setting quite the model for future chapters to strive towards. We asked Terrisa Bukovinac, Pro-Life Future SF’s President, to tell us more about their Pro-Life Future chapter and what they have been working on in their community. Here’s what she had to say.

Interview with Terrisa of Pro-Life Future of San Francisco

Q: Why has your Pro-Life Future chapter focused so heavily on these 2 efforts (i.e. defending David and Sandra and exposing the local PP facility)?

A: Pro-Life Future SF‘s primary goal from our very founding has been giving visibility to our movement. We want to show the city of San Francisco that while they may think San Francisco is a safe place for their pro-choice agenda, there is a robust, diverse, and growing pro-life presence here. David and Sandra’s case is already one of the most publicized pro-life efforts in America. Not only do we think that helping to vindicate both David and Sandra of the allegations against them is crucial to the future of the pro-life cause, it is also a great opportunity to draw visibility to our own grassroots pro-life organization. By making visual photo opportunities with groups, cohesive colors, and messaging, we create a media narrative about what it means to be pro-life in arguably one of the most pro-choice cultures in the US.

Preventing a “flagship” PP from opening was another opportunity that was practical in two ways. It would prevent thousands of abortions from happening in San Francisco every year, but also it is another opportunity to put some real fear in Planned Parenthood in a way they never expected. They took a metaphorical beating at the commission hearing. We outnumbered them with speakers which is unheard of in San Francisco. The hearing was held at City Hall which famously lit up pink for the Planned Parenthood centennial last October. They were in absolute disbelief. A letter that went out to their supporters just two days before the hearing opened with the line “You might think that San Francisco is safe when it comes to outrageous attacks on health care at Planned Parenthood- and you would be wrong.” I’ve literally never felt so validated! It was no surprise, however, that the commission board sided with Planned Parenthood and allowed their request to move forward. We will be appealing their decision, but we still felt like we made waves and are pleased with our efforts.

Q: What’s motivated you to keep pushing on these projects?

A: Need. We cannot win this culture war unless we are able to reach people who are on the “other side”. We have an incredible opportunity here to show that being pro-life is a progressive ideal. San Franciscans love being ultra controversial and in general they appreciate a good protest. We’re here to give them one they perhaps weren’t expecting and to deliver a message they may have not been exposed to before. Our group is extremely diverse with members of many different religious and non-religious backgrounds as well as varying political affiliations. I personally identify as a liberal, atheist, and feminist. Three things that people in San Francisco find fascinating when combined with the pro-life label that I wear proudly. In the last year we have built a coalition of pro-life groups to help us achieve visibility and cohesion. If we don’t do it, no one does. And unfortunately many people dismiss the pro-life position simply because it is affiliated with religiosity. I don’t think that’s fair, but I do use my atheism to our advantage because it prevents most people from dismissing my point of view the way they might do to someone simply because they are religiously affiliated. if we are able reach people in this city then the trend will head east and we can begin to see a cultural shift. I know it’s quite an aggressive goal but we believe this goal is achievable and we see the results of our efforts every time we make an appearance.

Q: What have been your big challenges thus far?

A: Time. There’s so much to be done, and we cannot take up every issue. We are all doing this on a volunteer basis, and for me, it equates to another full-time job. We have some core members that do most of the events, but several others rotate the events they are able to participate in. We also continue to struggle with compelling media outlets to cover us. But our hope is that this will eventually change. We just have to keep trying. There definitely has been some media coverage depending on the event. Our participation in the Women’s March San Francisco was highly publicized in outlets such as Huffington Post, Refinery29 (a liberal publication!), Christian Post, Daily Signal, and more. We also did quite a bit of media for the DefundPP rally in February and were covered and quoted by our local NPR affiliate KQED, The San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate, and several other local news and radio stations. A few people at my then day job mentioned they saw me on the news or heard me on NPR’s California Report. One of the reasons we were covered so heavily for that event was that the local Socialist group organized a substantial counter protest, outnumbering us many times over. It’s this clashing of ideas that attracts the media, and although the coverage was not entirely fair, it was coverage! And in a city like this, we will take any press we can get.

WAY TO GO, PRo-Life Future of San Francisco!

To top it all off, Pro-Life Future of San Francisco has:

  • Secured engaged supporters at every one of David and Sandra’s court appearances
  • Participated in all DefundPP Rallies
  • Joined up with 40 Days for Life
  • Participated at the Walk for Life, SFLA West Coast Conference, Californians for Life summit, Sockit2PP campaign, The March for Science, and the West Coast SFLA Leadership Summit
  • Hosted a Justice for All workshop
  • Protested Cecile Richards speech at the Herbst Theater and Ilyse Hogue president of NARAL at their “Power of Choice” luncheon

They strive to network with other local and state pro-life organizations and to protest events that will give the pro-life position visibility.

We are so proud to work alongside this crew of courageous pro-life leaders! We hope that you inspired to do more to actively engage your community with your Pro-Life Future chapter.

This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director, with the help and support of Terrisa Bukovinac, Pro-Life Future of San Francisco’s President. All images were obtained from the chapter’s public Facebook page. If you would like to share what your PLF chapter has accomplished, please contact Beth at 

Polish Up Your Pro-Life Apologetics

Being able to effectively and respectfully dialogue about abortion is a critical skill for any pro-life activist. Thankfully, there are organizations, like Equal Rights Institute, dedicated solely for the purpose of improving the way that pro-lifers communicate with pro-choice peers.

If you want your Pro-Life Future chapter to be successful in your community outreach, you need to set aside time to review new strategies and dialogue tips — or at least send out these new videos for review among your group! You can even schedule an Apologetics training with your Pro-Life Future national team by emailing .

Now, your conversations are going to be very different based on where you are doing your outreach (e.g. on a local campus, at a pro-choice event, or outside a local abortion clinic). Here are some great videos to help your chapter improve the way that you dialogue with those you encounter in your outreach.


Josh Brahm of Equal Rights Institute at the Students For Life East Coast National Conference
Speaker: Josh Brahm
Year: 2017
Duration: 50 minutes

Don’t Make Arguments with Question Marks
Speaker: Josh Brahm
Year: 2016
Duration: 13 minutes

Responding to the Question of Rape with Wisdom and Compassion
Speaker: Josh Brahm
Year: 2017
Duration: 9 minutes


National #ProlifeGen Sidewalk Day Training 101
Speaker: Lauren Muzyka
Year: 2016
Duration: 60 minutes

Hartford Pro-Life Future helps open pregnancy center


For 13 years, St. Gerard’s Center for Life has faithfully served the Hartford community by providing valuable resources and support to pregnant ant parenting women and their families. This year, the Center continued to spread its charity by opening a second center in an ideal location for reaching abortion-minded women and saving preborn children.

The big move came as an ongoing effort of the organization to return to its pro-life mission of saving lives. Center Director, Leticia Velasquez, shared that her team was concerned that their location (2 miles south of the nearest abortion clinic) made accessibility difficult for abortion-minded and abortion-determined women. The organization had been on the lookout for a place closer to Hartford Women’s GYN Center (the local abortion clinic), and after much prayer and patient waiting, the building next door became available!

A New Location

The grey stone building on the right is the pro-life Hartford Women’s Center. On the left, the red brick building is Hartford Women’s GYN Center.

St. Gerard’s new pregnancy support center, Hartford Women’s Center, is uniquely positioned to serve pregnant, abortion-minded women in Hartford, Connecticut. This building is located directly next to Hartford Women’s GYN Center (the local abortion clinic). It is so close that the two buildings share a courtyard, and one can easily see the abortion clinic escorts standing in the walkway between the two centers.

Ms. Velasquez noted that in the past, a sidewalk helper was arrested in this same courtyard on charges of trespassing. And now, their staff and volunteers can serve in this common area without fear of legal dispute.

Supporters are hopeful that the new center will save more lives and serve more families in need of pregnancy support. In interviews with local media, Kurt O’Brien (a member of the Hartford Pro-Life Future chapter), affirmed that the new center will “bring healing and hope to a place that needs it.”

Hartford Pro-Life Future’s Support

Hartford Women’s Center opened its doors on Saturday, May 20th– thanks to the helpful support of Hartford Pro-Life Future chapter and St. Gerard’s wide base of community support. Ms. Velasquez shared that the young adults were “embraced with joy” and that their enthusiasm energized the center’s efforts to move the project along.

Hartford Pro-Life Future is among the newer Pro-Life Future chapters, having only just started up this past summer in 2016. And yet, they wasted no time in making a permanent impact on their local community. In the Spring of 2017, Hartford Pro-Life Future members assisted in painting walls, decorating, assisting with the move, and other volunteer efforts. They even added personal touches to the project– like the hand-made coffee bar that greets the center’s clients in the waiting area.

Leticia encouraged our Pro-Life Future network to use our talents and gifts to serve centers, like St. Gerard’s, and to help them thrive. Her advice to other young adults who wish to serve their local pregnancy support organizations is simple:

“You can give what no one else at the center can give– that youthful enthusiasm!”

Thank you, Leticia Velasquez and Hartford Women’s Center! We are excited to support you and your mission.

Do you have a success story about your Pro-Life Future chapter? Send your story to to be featured on our Pro-Life Future blog.

Olympian Reveals Abortion Secret

Sanya Richards-Ross’ domination on the track has placed her the top female 400m sprinter for over a decade. She was ranked No.1 in the world from 2005 through 2009 and regained her title in 2012. Her professional athletic career began in college and led her to competing in the Athens Olympics (2004), Beijing Olympics (2008), and London Olympics (2012). Unfortunately, her successes on the track came at great cost, and now, Sanya is speaking out about her experiences as a post-abortive mother.

Chasing Grace

In 2008, Sanya was engaged to her now-husband, Aaron Ross. The two were preparing for a February 2010 wedding when Sanya found out that she was pregnant. Sanya was also training for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and Aaron was at the New York Giants training camp when she went for her abortion.

According to, “The next day, she flew to Beijing for the Olympics and prepared to win gold, even though her doctor recommended she avoid exercise for two weeks following the procedure.”

She went on to win the bronze in the 400m and gold in the 4x400m relay.

“No Choice At All”

In her new book, Chasing Grace: What the Quarter Mile Has Taught Me About God and Life, Sanya shares:

“In that moment, it seemed like no choice at all. The debate of when life begins swirled through my head, and the veil of a child out of wedlock at the prime of my career seemed unbearable. What would my sponsors, my family, my church, and my fans think of me?

I made a decision that broke me, and one from which I would not immediately heal. Abortion would now forever be a part of my life. A scarlet letter I never thought I’d wear. I was a champion— and not just an ordinary one, but a world-class, record-breaking champion. From the heights of that reality, I fell into a depth of despair.

For years, the couple barely discussed the decision, causing the pain of the abortion to also impact their relationship.

“I always harbored some resentment toward Ross. It was our mess-up, but I felt abandoned in the decision,” she writes. “It was like by not saying anything, neither agreeing nor opposing, he kept his conscience clear, but it wasn’t fair. We were in it together… [Ross] explained to me that he was just as burdened by the decision as I was. He believed that our child in 2008 was a blessing we had rejected by always wanting to be in control.”

College Athletes are Miseducated

“I literally don’t know another female track athlete who hasn’t had an abortion.” This shocking quote comes from U.S. Olympic sprinter, Sanya Richards-Ross, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Maggie Grace (featured above).

In that same Sports Illustrated interview, Sanya stated:

“At that time in your life, when you’re in college, you don’t feel comfortable talking to your mom. So a lot of the information that you get [is] from your peers… So there’s a lot of miseducation that happens to young women in college because we are educating ourselves.”

These troubling quotes caught our attention because Title IX is one of the first things that we discuss with our Pregnant on Campus Initiative student leaders.  Through our Pregnant on Campus Initiative, we’ve helped two student-athletes choose life this year by providing information about this law.

How Title IX Protects Student-Athletes

Title IX is a federal law which protects students of all ages from sex-related discrimination. While it covers a wide range of sex and gender issues, our Pregnant on Campus Initiative specifically promotes the protections and accommodations for pregnant and parenting students.

As stated on our Pregnant on Campus website (here), a pregnant student-athlete can continue to participate in her sport for as long as she and her doctor feel comfortable and safe. She cannot be kicked off her team, demoted from leadership status (e.g. captain), or lose her scholarship for reason of her pregnancy if she otherwise continues to participate on her athletic team. The NCAA also allows a special red shirt season for athletes for pregnancy. A “red shirt season” is a season when the athlete is still on the team and on the roster, but they do not compete for medical reasons. The athlete would have to talk to her coach and apply for this status.

The NCAA has provided the following reminder regarding Title IX rights and pregnant student athletes participation in sports:

“Title IX guarantees equal educational opportunity to pregnant and parenting students. This means that student-athletes cannot be discriminated against in the event of their pregnancy, childbirth, conditions related to pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery there from, or parental or marital status; and they must be offered reinstatement to the same position after pregnancy as they held before the onset of pregnancy. Some actions that may be permissible under NCAA rules are impermissible under Title IX. Institutions should carefully monitor precedent regarding athletics financial aid renewal, access to athletics benefits and treatment issues. Student-athletes who are pregnant should be treated like any other student-athlete with a temporary disability. For example, if the institution regularly provides athletics aid, tutoring, athletics trainer and team physician support, insurance or access to assistance or opportunity funds to a student-athlete while he rehabilitates from an injury, the pregnant student-athlete should not be excluded from such benefits. Institutions should make sure student-athletes understand the law and institutional policy as part of the normal orientation or team meeting agenda.”

When it comes to scholarships and participation, the NCAA’s model policy states:

“What happens to your scholarship: As long as you are in good academic standing with the university and you do not voluntarily withdraw from your team, it is against federal law for us to withdraw or reduce your financial aid in the event of your pregnancy, childbirth, conditions related to pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, recovery from pregnancy, or parental or marital status during the term of the award. Federal law also requires us to grant you as much leave as is medically necessary and to renew your scholarship under certain circumstances. Finally, you should also know that NCAA bylaws allow a female student-athlete to apply for an additional year of eligibility if her athletic career is interrupted by pregnancy.

The NCAA Toolkit, “Pregnant and Parenting Student-Athletes Resources and Model Policies,” further outlines how athletic departments should handle these situations here.

Learn More and Become an Advocate

We hope that female athletes hear Sandra’s story and have the courage to seek pregnancy support, help, and accurate information (especially regarding Title IX). Whether you are a student leader on campus or a pro-life community activist, or a pregnancy resource center director, learn about Title IX and the legal rights and protections available to pregnant and parenting students (including athletes). This information can literally be the difference between a woman choosing life or death for her child. We know this for a fact because it’s been instrumental this spring in helping at least 2 student-athletes choose life! On our Pregnant on Campus website (here), you can download and print handouts to study Title IX and to better advertise this information.

“I’m chasing gold medals; I’m chasing records, and chasing the best version of myself. So, for me, if I didn’t share the toughest moment in my life where I felt God’s grace the most, it would be disingenuous to this journey. I think there are lots of young girls who experience this especially female athletes. I look forward to having more discussions about it and helping young women heal from it.”


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, SFLA Pregnant on Campus Director. If you have questions regarding your athletic participation as a pregnant or parenting athlete, please contact Beth at

Planned Parenthood Really Used The Word “Slay”

We have no problems at Students for Life of America exposing Planned Parenthood for who they truly are: a huge business based solely on pushing abortion to vulnerable women in order to make the most money they can. They do it with over $500 million in tax money a year. They do it by donating millions of dollars to campaigns of Democrats. They do it by falsely advertising that they care about women’s healthcare.

They also really, really love to team up with celebrities to shoot propaganda videos like the one released yesterday with Joss Whedon. We wrote on it since it was not only incorrect on the facts but completely misleading.

But PP just loved this video. They made a website just for it and to solicit donations. But because they have a complete lack of self-awareness and how to talk about abortion, this is what the page looks like:

“…it’s our responsibility to use our superpowers to slay.”

SLAY? Yes, they certainly are good at that. They slay over 320,000 innocent children every year. And let’s talk about the women that Planned Parenthood slays.

  • Planned Parenthood slayed Cree Erwin-Sheppard last summer in Michigan when she died from a botched abortion at their facility.
  • Planned Parenthood slayed Tonya Reaves, who died in 2012 followed a botched second-trimester abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago.
  • Planned Parenthood slayed Holly Patterson, who had been given RU-486 at a Planned Parenthood in San Francisco.
  • Planned Parenthood slayed Diane Lopez, whose cervix was punctured following an abortion at the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood. She bled to death in a nearby hospital.

Planned Parenthood is a predatory business whose services aren’t even needed. This week, the last Planned Parenthood in Wyoming is closing, and 3 facilities in New Mexico are reported to be closing soon. The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains, Adrienne Mansanares, said the Wyoming closing was because their patients are able to find care at Community Health Centers and don’t go to PP anymore – which is exactly what we have been saying would happen when Planned Parenthood shuts their doors (which cannot come soon enough!).

Does Protesting Work?

“Protests don’t work.”
“It’s not the loving thing to do.”
“Protests don’t change minds.”

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard phrases like these from critics. To tell you the truth, sometimes even I am a little skeptical. Will this work?

The answer is a resounding YES!!

It’s worth the drive, train, or bus ride.
It’s worth being out in the cold.
It’s worth taking a day off school (with mom’s permission) or work.

Why? Because you’re spreading a message you care so much about.

You’re making people think! Pedestrians who see you are now thinking about the issue. Your social media followers are now thinking about it. Sometimes even larger media outlets broadcast it to the entire nation. Now thousands of people are thinking about it! If even just a few pedestrians, a few of your social media followers, and a few media savvy people do something about it, you’ve made a difference.

Why? Because we must stand together to get anything done. 

I know, you’ve heard this a thousand times: there are strength in numbers! When you bring together people from all walks of life to collaborate in a mass street action, that’s when the magic begins to happen. There is a sense of belonging, of power, and unity.

The Pro-Life Movement has been doing this for years at the annual March for Life. Half a million pro-life people walking the streets of D.C. and many of them paying a visit to their representatives. It’s amazing! Countless people set aside their differences to march for the preborn.

When I ask students, “how did you get involved?” Many of them respond by saying how, after their first trip to the March for Life, they feel energized to make a difference in their communities and at their schools. They know, they aren’t alone in this fight.

 Why? Because there have been plenty of successful protests throughout history.

Remember earlier in May when Students for Life of America took a picture with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, spoke with him, and even set up a meeting with him to meet David Daleiden? That was all because we were protesting! We knew we needed to reach Senator Manchin, a deciding vote to defund Planned Parenthood, to show him that West Virginians and Americans needed his vote. (You can read more about that experience here.) 

Also, earlier this year a mountain of almost 200,000 baby socks was piled on Capitol Hill for SFLA’s Sock it to Planned Parenthood Rally. The image of baby socks representing the lives lost to abortion at Planned Parenthood each year was shocking. It not only spread on national news outlets, it dropped the jaws of numerous pedestrians. (And we still had over 100,000 more socks to collect.) I’m sure more than one person that day changed their mind about Planned Parenthood. (Read more here.)

There are plenty more movements that relied on protests. Some of the more famous ones include the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage Movement, Labor Movements, Anti-War Movements, and the list goes on. There is a lot to learn from social movements. Most every one of them tell us that protests ARE successful ways to spread your message, motivate others, and petition for change.

Years down the road, don’t you want to be able to tell your grandchildren that you were part of the protests that abolished abortion?

Put your fears, worries, and reservations aside AND GET OUT THERE! Always remember, it’s worth it.

PS: Some fun tips

  • Don’t use violence
  • Keep your message short and to the point
  • Have a purposeful location where your target will be reached
  • Don’t dress like a protestor. Dress in a way that shows you respect the people you’re trying to convert.
  • Get creative!


This post was contributed by Lori Cascio, Students for Life of America Virginias Regional Coordinator. This post was originally posted here.

We Stand with David Daleiden & Sandra Merritt

By Terrisa Bukovinac, president of Pro-Life Future San Francisco

Last Wednesday, members of the Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, were arraigned in San Francisco at the Hall of Justice.  They are facing 15 indictments for possible illegal recording of their undercover videos – not the content itself, the recording of it.

Prior to their arrival, I was standing outside the hall with my standard sign I bring to all pro-life events in San Francisco, bearing the slogan for the organization in which I represent, Secular Pro-Life.  It reads “Call me an extremist, but I think dismemberment is wrong – Pro-Life Atheist”.

The very first person I encountered was Sandra herself!  She seemed in good spirits and was excited to see some support.  She wanted to know right away about the secular point of view and insisted we exchange numbers so that we could talk more about secular outreach! She explained that she was prepared to be taken into custody that morning and was ready for whatever happened.  We took a selfie together and I gave her a hug of support.

Then more of our group began to arrive.  We had about 10-15 young people holding pro-life signs in a matter of minutes on the steps of the hall.  Thanks to the efforts of SFLA’s Camille Rodriguez, we had attracted young people from all over California. Their signs read “PP buys Becerra”, a reference to the California Attorney General who has charged David and Sandra, and who has publicly accepted thousands of dollars in donations from Planned Parenthood.

Other signs included “Planned Parenthood Literally Sells Baby Parts” with a copy of the actual contract between PP Mar Monte and Stem Express. Also “We Stand with David”, “We Stand with Sandra”, and the ever popular “We are the pro-life generation”.  We had quite a presence by the time David arrived and he seemed optimistic about the day, despite the seriousness of it all.

Shortly after the check-in at 8:30, David was released and Sandra was taken into custody. David had been booked previously in Los Angeles and posted bail at that time.  The arraignment was set for 1:30PM that afternoon.  We agreed to reconvene at that time.

By 1:00 PM almost our entire initial group, including some additions, gathered again on the steps of the Hall to ensure a display of support for David as he arrived once again. We were quite the spectacle and I was happy with the turn-out.

We entered two separate courts where we were asked to proceed to another room.  Finally, the third being the charm, the arraignment began.  The courtroom was small, but we filled it completely.  It was a satisfying display of support.

Sandra’s counsel argued for her release based on the unlikelihood that she might flee.  He pointed out that she was faced with similar charges in Texas and flew to the state to face those charges.  She does not have a passport, the case is not new (dating back to 2015), and the fact that she is a grandmother living with her daughters were all highlighted by her attorney.  The Deputy District Attorney arguing on behalf of Attorney General Becerra argued that although Sandra was not a flight risk, there were 15 “victims” (meaning those individuals recorded without their consent-in public spaces!) bail should remain at $75,000.  The judge agreed with the Deputy District Attorney.

David and Sandra’s new hearing was set for June 8th, 2017.  Likely arguments will be heard at that time so mark your calendars now!

After the hearing Pro-Life Future of San Francisco, of which I am the President, arranged a press conference outside the hall.  Words were shared from David, myself, Jonathan Keller of California Family Council, as well as others.


Please continue to support David and Sandra by donating to their defense, and spreading the news that they are Innocent and Planned Parenthood and their paid-for-prosecutors are guilty!

Where do we go from here?

April 26th marked our first SockIt2PP Rally, an impressive display of over 196,543 baby socks on Capitol Hill. We are now over halfway to our goal of collecting 323,999 baby socks, which is how many abortions Planned Parenthood did last year. As we continue to put pressure on our political representatives to keep their promises and defund Planned Parenthood, we must continue to actively challenge the abortion industry (especially your local Planned Parenthood affiliated) in our communities.

On May 4th, the House of Representatives passed the healthcare reconciliation bill that could potentially defund Planned Parenthood of 80% of their taxpayer funds (over $400 million!) for the next year. While we are still waiting on the Senate to review the bill, there is work to be done!

What You Can Do

Send in your socks! We need about 130,000 more socks to reach our goal of 323,999 socks. These socks will continued to be displayed in events throughout the year, and they will eventually be distributed to student groups for campus displays and to pregnancy resource centers around the country. Socks can be mailed to: Students for Life of America, ATTN: #SockIt2PP Campaign, P.O. Box 96960, Washington, DC 20090-6960.

Expose the truth about Planned Parenthood on your social media platforms. Share videos from Students for Life of America, explaining fungibility, questionable accounting, and more. Share videos from David Daleidan’s organization, the Center for Biomedical Progress, exposing the corruption of the abortion industry. Share graphics and statistics from SFLA’s Facebook page or our We Don’t Need PP website.

Write letters to local abortion clinic workers. We can help bring these men and women to better job opportunities (aka jobs that don’t kill people!). Write encouraging messages to help them have the courage to leave. See ideas at

Call your representatives. Call your state senators to tell them that you support defunding Planned Parenthood. Find your representative’s office phone number here:


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director.

PLF Chapter reaches out to abortion clinic workers

In the past few years, five abortion clinic workers have left the Allentown Women’s Center, and the Planned Parenthood Easton Medical Center is closing soon. With growing momentum to support exiting abortion clinic workers, one Pro-Life Future chapter* has made it their mission to reach out to clinics in this region.

The local Pro-Life Future chapter leader shared:

“Our idea was pretty simple. Send short but meaningful postcards to workers inside of abortion clinics. We wanted to let them know that they are loved and supported. If they would like to leave, we have provided a way for them to do so. We then provided Abby Johnson’s ATTWN ministries website,, fairly prominently on the cards to direct them to help.”


The group worried that the cards might be thrown out. So they chose simple messages that could be read in a cursory glance. They modeled their letters based on Abby Johnson’s And Then Their Were None “Love Letters.”  Overall, the chapter wrote about 50 letters that would be sent to workers at three local abortion clinics. They hope to use this as a quarterly outreach activity for their Pro-Life Future chapter.


Here are some examples of their cards (Click for a closer view!):



(Clinic addresses have been removed for the safety of those workers who may choose to leave.)


In the past month, the chapter has successfully connected with at least one worker committed to leaving her job, and there are rumors of several co-workers who also are considering this brave transition. Fortunately, the group has strong connections with local pro-life advocates in communication with Abby Johnson and her organization, And Then There Were None (which helps abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry and find new jobs).


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director. The featured Pro-Life Future chapter asked not to be specifically named. We are proud of their efforts to compassionately serve and transform their local community.


Chicago Pro-Life Future is unstoppable

Chicago Pro-Life Future is among our most active Pro-Life Future chapters with a consistent schedule of both activism and social events. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate this awesome chapter and their fervent commitment to transforming their city.

Why they do what they do

We asked Meghan Meehan (Chicago PLF President) to share why they do what they do and how they are actively engaging their city. Here is Meghan’s response:
“Why do we do what we do? To SAVE BABIES. Chicago PLF’s mission is to join ALL pro-life groups in the Chicago area by sharing events and supporting one another. We all have many talents and different approaches to ending abortion. Together, we CAN end abortion and SAVE the BABIES. If we continue to stay divided we will never win the war on women and children.”

Team bonding and community activism

For activities, the chapter has a great mix of outreach and social engagement. Some of the  event highlights include:

  • Team Building: Rock Climbing for Babies was a favorite event. The chapter members worked on team building and later went out for ice cream to discuss upcoming event ideas.
  • Community and Social Events: Following Mass, PLF members went “Bowling for Babies” for a fun community activity. For other social events, the chapter hosts an annual Christmas Caroling for Babies in the local community and Jumping for Babies at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.
  • Fundraisers: The chapter’s Beach Volleyball Tournament was a huge hit. With over 100 people signed up to participate, they were able to donate over $1,200 to support Aid for Women, a pregnancy resource center committed the serving women and families in Chicago. 
  • Activism: Chicago Pro-Life Future maintains a regular prayerful presence in front of the Access Health Center, an abortion clinic that has on its record at least one wrongful death case involving Melissa Heim in 2001. Each month, the chapter meets at a highway overpass for up to 3 hours (11am-2pm) to hold a huge banner that says “Abortion Takes Human Life.” Their pro-life signs and billboards have been viewed over 8.8 million times in 2016 around Chicago. This includes overpasses in Downtown Chicago, Northwest Chicago (Garfield Park), Oak Park, Joliet, Northfield/Winnetka and Naperville/Aurora, as well as billboards throughout Chicago. At the highway overpass events, the chapter members hold two huge signs that say “Abortion Takes Human Life”.
  • Volunteering: The chapter participates in Aid for Women’s annual Christmas Party for pregnant clients. For the past two years, the group has served food and provides gift bags for the children of clients.



We are so encouraged by Chicago Pro-Life Future’s consistent efforts to engage their community, and we hope that other groups take note of these awesome ideas. Keep up the good work, Chicago!


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director. To submit a profile about your chapter, please email