Prepare for a great year by budgeting out all your expenses so that your chapter can have as big of an impact as possible!

1. Budgeting and fundraising are the only two ways you can ensure that there will be money to do important events throughout the year. The key to budgeting is to plan ahead. Create a calendar for the year and make sure to list all the events you are hosting, want to host, or that your group will be attending.

2. When budgeting, write down the projected costs for each event. For example,

Attend SFLA Conference and March for Life in Washington DC with 10 People


Leadership Retreat with other pro-life groups


Life Display for SWC




Cemetery of the Innocents Display


Trip to State Capitol to Lobby for Pro-Life Bill







Overestimate costs for the year to be prepared for unexpected expenses. Don’t be left without money in your budget when something important comes up during the year.

You may want to check with the other pro-life groups in your area to get an idea of what they generally spend per year on certain items, and use your experience from high school and college to project Pro-Life Future costs. Our team can also help you budget based on what other chapters have done.

4. When your chapter is first getting started, you may need to do a lot of fundraising in order to have money to budget with. After the first year or two, however, you should be more stable. Then, all the fundraising you do one year will go towards either next year’s budget. This way, if for some reason your chapter has a bad fundraiser or the money just isn’t coming in, it won’t affect your plans for that year and hopefully by the next year you’ll have had time to make up for that fundraiser, or in the worst case, you’ll have to slim down what you do the following year.

5. Throughout the year it is very important to refer to your budget before and after every event you host. If it is your first year, it may be hard initially to make a budget and stick to it, but it is important to at least record everything you spend and what you spent it on so that the following year you will have a much better idea of how much to budget for each event.

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