Become An Official Pro-Life Future Chapter

Unlike Students for Life groups, photo 3Pro-Life Future chapters are official chapters of the national organization. In college, clubs can easily exist within the structure of the university, but we don’t have that umbrella as young adults. To make this easier for volunteers, all Pro-Life Future chapters will operate within Pro-Life Future. You won’t have to open or manage any bank accounts, or file any forms with the IRS. We do that for you!

This means that Pro-Life Future chapters will operate differently than your Students for Life club did. Any money you raise will be turned into Pro-Life Future, deposited into a separate bank account and earmarked specifically for your use. By law, these funds are required to be maintained only for use by the chapter which raised them. To use that money, you will send us a request, and we will pay the vendor directly. This protects both you and Pro-Life Future.

We think this will be an easier way of managing your chapter. We know that you are more busy now than ever before, and you want to focus on the mission of Pro-Life Future, not the paperwork. We’re trying to streamline this as much as possible to free up your time. Below, you will find the chapter constitution, officers’ agreement and chapter guidelines that must be completed by each chapter to become an official part of Pro-Life Future. You can download and complete these documents then email them to us to become a Pro-Life Future chapter.

Chapter Constitution – Pro-Life Future

Chapter Guidelines – Pro-Life Future

Chapter Officer Agreement – Pro-Life Future


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