Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is an excellent way to help pregnant woman while having a great time.

  1. Contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), introduce yourself, and tell them what you are planning to do.  Ask what materials they need.  Visit to find a nearby PRC.
  2. Find a location on campus that is big enough to host a baby shower and reserve it.  Post an event on Facebook and invite everyone to come.  It is also a good idea to put small flyers in everyone’s mailbox as well as flyers throughout the dorms.  Make sure to include what the PRC needs on these flyers.
  3. Plan activities for the shower.  There are many free games you can print out online.  For example, ‘Family Movie Night’ and ‘Baby Price is Right,’ are great games to play with large groups of people.  Talk to a local florist and ask if they would be willing to donate flowers for table centerpieces that could also be used as prizes.
  4. Contact a local bakery and ask if they would be willing to donate baked goods.  If not, make a sign-up sheet and have people volunteer to bake things and bring finger food.
  5. Have your baby shower!  When you have completed steps 1-4, your preparations are complete.   Enjoy the shower, clean up, and then drop off everything people brought at the PRC.  Write thank you notes to everyone who helped with the shower.