African-Americans and Abortion HLA Distribution Event

Use Human Life Alliance’s “Did you Know” publication as a way to reach out to African-Americans on campus to educate students about abortion. Simply hand out the publications or create an event. February is a great time to hold this event, as it is “Black History Month.”

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Choose a date and time for your African-Americans and Abortion Human Life Alliance (HLA) Distribution event. (Choose a day on which your campus is most populated and a time in the day when there will be heavier traffic around campus.)
  2. Choose and reserve a location for the event.
    1. Decide whether you will simply walk around campus handing out the Human Life Alliance’s “We Know Better Now” newspaper, place it in publication areas, or whether you will do this along with a table display, speaker, etc.
    2. Having a speaker like Dr. Alveda King and other well-know African-American leaders can bring needed additional awareness to your message and will draw more people to your events.
    3. Choose an area on campus with the most student traffic, such as near the front of the dining hall or student center, etc, to do your table, display, or distribution. Reserve the area through the administration if needed.
    4. If you choose to have a speaker or debate, refer to SFLA’s speaker list on this for more help. Hand out the HLA newspaper before and after the event.
  3. Secure other items.
    1. Buy materials to create large, durable sings for any table, event, or display you may have. Order the HLA publication “Did You Know?” through their website: Allow time for delivery and order plenty to pass out throughout the entire month of February to celebrate Black History Month.
  4. Sign people up to run the African-Americans and Abortion HLA event.
    1. There should always be a couple people from your group running the display or handout.
    2. There should be additional help to sign people up for your group email and meeting updates.
    3. Someone should always have a camera on hand to record any vandalism or inappropriate acts towards your display and/or members.
  5. Be prepared with other literature if you have a table, display, or speaker on the topic.
    1. Have handouts with factual information on abortion, the magnitude of its consequences, various related stats, and fetal development.
    2. Have information available on a local PRC and post-abortive material and references.
    3. Have other information on the effects of abortion on the African American community.
    4. Be able to speak on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s stance on the issue of abortion and national African- American Pro-life activism and their messages.
    5. Have your group information ready to hand out, so you can recruit new students to your meetings and events.
    6. It would also be wise to have on hand a copy of any communications with the administration allowing you to have your display or event when and where it is.
  6. Prepare your team and signs!
    1. Make sure your members are all prepared to talk about the event.
  7. Set up your display.
    1. Post signs conveying your message around and below your display. Post some signs in the ground with stakes and tape. Create handouts with your group info to pass out as well.
  8. Let SFLA know how it went!
    1. We love hearing about your events.
    2. Let us know if you have any stories, questions, suggestions, or concerns!