Advertise the Pro-Life Message

This can be effective, but also can be very expensive. A newspaper ad should always have a picture to get the reader’s attention. The headline should be catchy and brief. Remember that the ad must get approval from the newspaper’s legal staff. They will probably be critical and harsh, but it is still possible to get your ad in. It is wise to compare advertising facts and figures.

There are many less expensive ways to advertise the pro-life message. For example, bumper stickers, decals, stamps, and stickers on your mailings. It is estimated that anything that goes through the mail is seen by at least 14 people.

Nearly every method of telling the pro-life story is worth the effort. Pins, buttons, bracelets- anything that catches people’s attentions can serve as a good conversation piece.

If your group has a t-shirt, or if many group members own pro-life shirts, you can host a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pro-life t-shirt day. Holding this event on the day of or the day before your group’s meeting can also get more students interested in your group.