Abortion Myths Quiz and Handout Event

  • Choose 5 – 10 abortion myths to address in your event. Try to target issues particularly relevant to or misunderstood on your campus. (i.e. that abortion is only available in the first 3 months of pregnancy, that all feminists are pro-choice, and the majority of Americans support on-demand abortion)
  • Make your quiz a clear, one page handout that gets to the point and includes your group information. Remember many students will only quickly look over the quiz, so you have to reach them with facts quickly. Have the multiple choice questions on one side and answers on the back, with sources cited for ALL information.
  • Pass out the quiz on campus during a busy time (lunch, class change, etc.)
  • Either later that day or the following day, pass out pamphlets that go into more depth on each of the correct answers to your quiz. There are great brochures you can order, such as the ‘The Top Ten Myths About Abortion’ booklet from the Family Research CouncilMake sure everyone participating has read all of the handout content and is ready to back it up.
  • Along with your educational handout that will educate your campus about the facts of abortion, you need to give them a call to action. Hand out flyers with your group information (name, website, etc), contact information, and all meeting information (where and when). Also, have sign-up sheets available for anyone interested in joining your group, and follow up with them before your next meeting and/or event through Facebook, email, and phone calls.