Hartford Pro-Life Future helps open pregnancy center


For 13 years, St. Gerard’s Center for Life has faithfully served the Hartford community by providing valuable resources and support to pregnant ant parenting women and their families. This year, the Center continued to spread its charity by opening a second center in an ideal location for reaching abortion-minded women and saving preborn children.

The big move came as an ongoing effort of the organization to return to its pro-life mission of saving lives. Center Director, Leticia Velasquez, shared that her team was concerned that their location (2 miles south of the nearest abortion clinic) made accessibility difficult for abortion-minded and abortion-determined women. The organization had been on the lookout for a place closer to Hartford Women’s GYN Center (the local abortion clinic), and after much prayer and patient waiting, the building next door became available!

A New Location

The grey stone building on the right is the pro-life Hartford Women’s Center. On the left, the red brick building is Hartford Women’s GYN Center.

St. Gerard’s new pregnancy support center, Hartford Women’s Center, is uniquely positioned to serve pregnant, abortion-minded women in Hartford, Connecticut. This building is located directly next to Hartford Women’s GYN Center (the local abortion clinic). It is so close that the two buildings share a courtyard, and one can easily see the abortion clinic escorts standing in the walkway between the two centers.

Ms. Velasquez noted that in the past, a sidewalk helper was arrested in this same courtyard on charges of trespassing. And now, their staff and volunteers can serve in this common area without fear of legal dispute.

Supporters are hopeful that the new center will save more lives and serve more families in need of pregnancy support. In interviews with local media, Kurt O’Brien (a member of the Hartford Pro-Life Future chapter), affirmed that the new center will “bring healing and hope to a place that needs it.”

Hartford Pro-Life Future’s Support

Hartford Women’s Center opened its doors on Saturday, May 20th– thanks to the helpful support of Hartford Pro-Life Future chapter and St. Gerard’s wide base of community support. Ms. Velasquez shared that the young adults were “embraced with joy” and that their enthusiasm energized the center’s efforts to move the project along.

Hartford Pro-Life Future is among the newer Pro-Life Future chapters, having only just started up this past summer in 2016. And yet, they wasted no time in making a permanent impact on their local community. In the Spring of 2017, Hartford Pro-Life Future members assisted in painting walls, decorating, assisting with the move, and other volunteer efforts. They even added personal touches to the project– like the hand-made coffee bar that greets the center’s clients in the waiting area.

Leticia encouraged our Pro-Life Future network to use our talents and gifts to serve centers, like St. Gerard’s, and to help them thrive. Her advice to other young adults who wish to serve their local pregnancy support organizations is simple:

“You can give what no one else at the center can give– that youthful enthusiasm!”

Thank you, Leticia Velasquez and Hartford Women’s Center! We are excited to support you and your mission.

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