PLF Chapter reaches out to abortion clinic workers

In the past few years, five abortion clinic workers have left the Allentown Women’s Center, and the Planned Parenthood Easton Medical Center is closing soon. With growing momentum to support exiting abortion clinic workers, one Pro-Life Future chapter* has made it their mission to reach out to clinics in this region.

The local Pro-Life Future chapter leader shared:

“Our idea was pretty simple. Send short but meaningful postcards to workers inside of abortion clinics. We wanted to let them know that they are loved and supported. If they would like to leave, we have provided a way for them to do so. We then provided Abby Johnson’s ATTWN ministries website,, fairly prominently on the cards to direct them to help.”


The group worried that the cards might be thrown out. So they chose simple messages that could be read in a cursory glance. They modeled their letters based on Abby Johnson’s And Then Their Were None “Love Letters.”  Overall, the chapter wrote about 50 letters that would be sent to workers at three local abortion clinics. They hope to use this as a quarterly outreach activity for their Pro-Life Future chapter.


Here are some examples of their cards (Click for a closer view!):



(Clinic addresses have been removed for the safety of those workers who may choose to leave.)


In the past month, the chapter has successfully connected with at least one worker committed to leaving her job, and there are rumors of several co-workers who also are considering this brave transition. Fortunately, the group has strong connections with local pro-life advocates in communication with Abby Johnson and her organization, And Then There Were None (which helps abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry and find new jobs).


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director. The featured Pro-Life Future chapter asked not to be specifically named. We are proud of their efforts to compassionately serve and transform their local community.