We need your baby socks!

SockIt2PP DemonstrationIt’s now April, and our #SockIt2PP campaign is well underway. There are literally thousands of baby socks pouring into the Students for Life of America headquarters. As the April 18th campaign deadline approaches, we need all hands on deck to reach our goal of 323,999 socks (representing the children killed by Planned Parenthood).

Is your Pro-Life Future group involved? Have you started brainstorming event ideas and collecting socks? It’s not too late to get involved as an individual or as a group. Here is what you need to do…


Email Students for Life at info@studentsforlife.org to let us know if your group is coordinating a collection and how many socks you are pledging to collect.


Not sure how to collect 100’s or 1,000’s of socks?! You can collect the socks and/or collect monetary donations (to buy the socks or donate to the campaign). Here are three ideas:

  1. Go to church: Ask your local churches if they would allow you to host a table outside of their church services. Have a jar or box to collect monetary donations, and provide a basket or box for sock donations. Decorate your table with a table covering, balloons, or other cute items. See Lehigh Valley Pro-Life Future’s church collection table for ideas.
  2. Enlist the help of your mom friends and relatives: Make a Facebook announcement and/or personal requests for any stray baby socks! Ask your mom friends, or even consider reaching out to local women’s and moms’ groups (e.g. church groups, MOPS).
  3. Host a social: Invite your friends to a social night at your house. It could be a wine and beer night, themed party, or even a Murder Mystery party. Ask all guests to bring along a baby sock (or set of socks!) as their ticket into the party.

Lehigh PLF- SockIt2PP- 1


Don’t forget to offer participants to sign the “Message to Congress”! These can be printed, distributed, and collected at your events.

Message to Congress


Post pictures and videos of your #SockIt2PP events and sock collections on social media using the hashtag #SockIt2PP . The more creative, the more awesome. Don’t forget to tag @ProLifeFuture and @StudentsForLife.

#5: mail your socks

Get your socks in the mail by Tuesday, April 18th. Use the following mailing address to submit your socks and signed copies of the “Message to Congress”:

Students for Life of America
Attn: #SockIt2PP Campaign
P.O. Box 96960
Washington, DC 20090-6960


The winning group will win a trip for 5 to the Students for Life of America National Conference, next January!! Other prizes will include a Cemetery of the Innocents display and speakers for your group.


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pro-Life Future Director, on April 6, 2017.