Spreading Holiday Cheer the Pro-Life Way

By Meghan Meehan, president, Chicago Pro-Life Future

The holiday season is among us. Gifts are flowing and the snow drifts are growing. Worried about busy holiday schedules and no time to give back the gift of Christmas cheer? No worries, Chicago Pro-Life Future is here!

Every year we provide two amazing volunteer opportunities to give back to our community and demonstrate what a pro-life culture looks like.

Our first event was geared towards helping babies, and who doesn’t love helping PLF 3babies? The first Saturday in December is dedicated to my favorite event of the year, Christmas Caroling for Babies. We wear Santa hats, sing joyous Christmas tunes, and drink hot chocolate and enjoy homemade cookies outside of a busy abortion facility in Chicago. We bring peace, hope, and love to a place that desperately needs it.

Phil, a sidewalk counselor, said a woman came up to him a couple years ago and said she chose life for her child after hearing Silent Night while waiting for the abortionist to come into the room. As Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood worker, once said, the most effective way to save babies is being present in front of abortion facilities because YOU are a baby’s last chance at life by reaching its mother.

Our second event every year happens on the second Saturday in December and is The Women’s Center annual Christmas party for their 700+clients and their families at Our Lady of Victory Parish. We help serve food and hand out gifts to children.

PLF 2Paige, the Director of Volunteer Services says “it is a very special day, seeing so many babies in one room who wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the emotional, material/practical, and spiritual help offered to their mothers by The Women’s Center counselors and volunteers. It’s so touching to see these moms overcome obstacles and have their babies rather than abort them in a moment of crisis.”

Both events are so touching and give me hope for the future of America. Every year our events attract new volunteers who are ready to defend life in the womb and support children after birth. Our generation is the Pro-Life Future. Our generation will end abortion in our lifetime.

Merry Christmas.