I went to the DNC to talk about abortion

“So it’s a baby.”adfdafd

She agreed with us. We had gone painstakingly through the layers of embryology, referencing medical textbooks — and the pro-abortion young woman accepted: “it” was a baby.

But then she said, “It should be alright to kill them then.”

As I drove out of Philly, that statement continued to ring in my ears. We had driven in, pumped up, prepared – the Boston chapter of Pro-Life Future, all young women.

That statement though gave me pause. It is loud, still. Loud from a minority with a big mic.

That statement is the chasm between the pro-life and pro-abortion generations, a dichotomy that yawns wide — because in the end, it’s okay to kill is the conclusion of a pro-abortion platform, pro-abortion nation, a pro-abortion culture of death — and it was precisely that stance that the nominee for president in the Democratic party took when she accepted the nomination last week.

Thankfully, that was not the majority of responses we received while doing outreach outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. In fact, the majority of young people we encountered walked with us through the facts of human development, and came out in support of protecting preborn lives. Even when they didn’t want to don the pro-life label (more on that issue here).

“Okay, I don’t know about pro-life… But you’re right, I don’t think it can be right to kill a human being–” just because they’re smaller, dependent, or look different than we do, was how one fellow millennial put it after a 30-minute discussion in the shade of the trees, lining the park where hundreds, if not thousands of Bernie supporters, defecting delegates, protesters, and a few curious onlookers, had gathered.

Tuesday through Thursday, we showed up, carrying signs, and passing out literature. “Hey Dems!” read one of the signs from our Boston Pro-Life Future Chapter, “What happened to being for the LITTLE GUY?”.”

“Whew!” said one old dude, shirtless, and carrying an enormous Bernie head on a stick, “Pro-life? I didn’t think I’d run into any pro-lifers here!”

Boy, did he have another thing coming. After two full days chatting with the crowd of campers — mostly young people like us — who had set up a mini-commune on the lawn, all the way up to a makeshift kitchen, providing free food, and accepting donations of time, food, and money, the majority were thinking pro-life.

Moreover, they were all, even before we got to them, thinking, this platform is crazy.

But they didn’t all know just why until we connected. Our generation knows something is wrong. Our generation has a heart for life. And our generation has been extremely ill-equipped by a culture swamped by abortion to articulate their own value, or the value (and number!) of millions of preborn people casually aborted each day.

It was extremely important that we, as pro-life young people, hit the DNC 2016 — not because we’re in the minority. It was abundantly clear as — even after getting an old lady’s badly aimed egg splattered over our feet and legs — that we are the Pro-Life Future. And we are the majority. Some of us just don’t how to say it yet.

But one girl certainly did — even before we talked to her! A delegate, about my age, came stomping down the asphalt, furious. “THIS IS NO LONGER MY PARTY!” she shouted, snatching a bullhorn from a startled protester near her, “They do NOT listen to our voice! They are OUT OF TOUCH!”

Way out of touch. I casually nabbed her after her rant, and gave her a Pro-Life Future card, and Life Matters Journal’s excellent handout, For Liberals. Because my generation doesn’t get stuck on labels like lib or conservative – but we do stick like Velcro to a commitment to end abortion, and obviously, we’re sick of political platforms that can’t get enough of Planned Parenthood, and promote abortion. That kind of platform is – as my friend, the defecting delegate put it, way out of touch.