Exceptions: What if the woman was raped?

Sometimes when you are speaking to people on campus you only have a small window of
opportunity to answer a very difficult question.  Oftentimes the “exceptions” or hard cases that justify abortion for so many are brought up and you need a quick answer.  Below is a quick answer that you can use in a pinch that summarizes the complexity of this issueSurvivors of Rape when you only have a sound bite moment to give an answer.

Rape and incest are horrible crimes and deeply wound women, they need the appropriate help and care to recover.  But we cannot try to help survivors of sexual assault in ways that harm more innocent people.  Abortion destroys one innocent person in an attempt to help another innocent person. The circumstances of conception do not change the fact that someone has been conceived – a unique, living and whole human person who has value, and an equal right to life.

While that was just a snippet of an answer when you are put on the spot, our friends at Equal Rights Institute offers a fuller explanation of how to answer this question on their blog Responding to the Question of Rape with Wisdom and Compassion.