You’ve Graduated! Now what?

You’ve just graduated from college and are off into the “real world,” maybe even in a brand new city. A lot has changed in a very short amount of time. Your best friends no longer live just down the hall, and you have to navigate this crazy, new world. Your mind is spinning and you may be unsure of what to do next. Throughout all that, there is one thing that doesn’t have to change: your pro-life activism!

Last year, Students for Life launched
AfterGraduationPro-Life Future for young, pro-life adults like you to continue growing in the pro-life movement. Pro-Life Future starts chapters in cities for young adults to gather for fellowship and action, like an extension of your Students for Life group into your post-graduate life. Pro-Life Future chapters give young pro-lifers a home in the pro-life movement, and an avenue for continuing to impact culture and abolish abortion in our communities.

Pro-Life Future has been growing faster
than we could have possibly imagined. There are thousands of young people across the nation who want to do more in the pro-life movement.
Our team has been busy criss-crossing the nation from Boston to San Diego and everywhere in between, launching new chapters, and training and mobilizing pro-lifers. More and more young people are joining our movement every day, becoming part of our community and joining us on the front lines.

This is your opportunity to use your talents, skills, and experience to change culture and make abortion both illegal and unthinkable. To find or start a Pro-Life Future chapter near you, email us at, and join our communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And sign up for our action alerts on the right side of this page.

You have been trained to be a pro-life leader and advocate. Your candle has been lit. Don’t let that flame go out. Take your light out beyond your campus walls to chase the darkness of abortion out of our communities. Being pro-life is a lifelong commitment that is only just beginning.