Stop the Worry: Your Place in the ProLife Future is NOW

By C.J. Williams, National Programs Coordinator, ProLife Future

Do you ever feel like the future might be pro-life…but how is that part of your life? Do you have a ProLife Future Chapter in your city (maybe even started one!) or want one (and are working on it!), but you just don’t seem to be able to hold onto members, or purpose?
The bad news is…building a prolife future: No one can build your future for you. The good news is…building a pro-life future? You’re already doing it, if you keep these 3 watchwords in mind.Your future belongs to you, and every act you make in the present, every moment you own, builds towards a future without legalized abortion. You got the power.
So how do you own your future, and build your ProLife Future chapter?

Take ownership
You have time, talent, and creativity. You have the resources at your fingertips: peers, other prolife organizations, your talents, trainings from the ProLife Future national office, promotional material –
— and most importantly, passion and enthusiasm.

“Don’t ever lose your enthusiasm, your hope, or your trust!” (Sister Kelai)

Own your community, one your commitment, own your future. Show up, no matter how you feel. Delegate. Don’t do it all alone. Try new things. At least one per month.You can only fail by not doing something. Listen to the needs in your city, and meet them head on. Get to know the questions your city is asking. Are the clinics obviously targeting a certain minority? Is student pregnancy, and lack of campus resources, a big issue in your city? (It is in Boston.) Are your fellow young professionals mainly religious, or are they agnostic? (San Francisco.)

Take leadership.
Leaders aren’t special. Leaders are just people who do something. What are you doing? Look at that and can do – not what you’re thinking or could do.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”  (Hugh Laurie)

Choosing to stand in front of the clinic 1 hour per week might seem overwhelming. What if you just did it? One hour might seem like a lot of time. Look at it in context: How many hours do you spend on facebook? Choosing to stand might seem scary. But other people will see you – and it will be people who wanted and want to do the same thing. Those who see you will be people who just needed to see another young adult DOING it. Because doing it makes it possible, not thinking it.
You’re building a prolife future: If you’re doing something for preborn lives right now, you’re a leader. If you’re doing something, your actions will spark the actions of others. If you’re doing something, you’ve built a pro-life future for yourself, for your peers, for babies you may never know you saved.

Take FUN

Have fun. Bring your passion, your playfulness, your creativity – in other words, bring LIFE. This might seem like a battle of life and death…mostly because it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s backbreakingly serious. None of us is responsible for the ultimate outcome. The PRESENT is our future. Living life is part of promoting life. Loving life and enjoying it is part of creating a culture that cherishes that life.
And joy gives people hope; joy shows the woman walking into the clinic hope.
Abortion thrives in hopelessness. Assaults on human life in all forms sneak up out of the holes of despair and deception.
Take FUN on your future-tripping. You’re tripping into a future full of life, and these three things can keep you focused, successful, and growing:

Enjoy your fellowships.
Plan events you like, and your group enjoys.
Make time to build relationships, not just business.

Let your fun fuel your outreach, your ideas, your ministry. Human life is a blast. The dark side of it only lasts so long as we let it.
Are you building a strong PLF chapter? Probably. But maybe not? Not sure how?

Take ownership. You own at life. Take leadership. Act like it. Take FUN. Drive this ride – it’s yours. So is your city. So is this nation. It’s time to be the pro-life generation, and take it on full-time.
You don’t have to wait for anything. Leadership is simple, and it’s not dropped on a special few. Leadership is dropped on the willing. And Leadership is summed up in those three watchwords.
And the future has got pro-life stamped all over it.
Want to start a chapter, or interested in more on this subject? Request our 10 Steps to Starting a PLF Chapter or our Recruitment Training! Email CJ, the ProLife Future Programs Coordinator, at