#StopTheSham: Rhetoric vs Reality in the Abortion Wars

By Laura Peters, Pro-Life Future NYC

The battle over abortion rights once again reached a fever pitch in the showdown at the
Supreme Court last month. At stake is the question of whether Texas has the constitutional authority to require: 1) abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital; 2) abortion clinics in the state to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. Pro-life advocates maintain that the law’s intent is to hold the abortion industry to the same standards as the rest of the healthcare field, whereas critics of the law claim that it effectively restricts access to women’s healthcare. Those are the talking points, but what are the actual facts behind this case? Just what, exactly, is fueling the uproar?HB2 rally

The concerns over restricted access stem from the fact that the number of clinics in Texas has decreased from 42 to 19 since the law went into effect. If the law is upheld by the Court, that number could drop to 10 in the future. That being said, it goes without saying that the typical abortion procedure is highly invasive – and therefore surgical – in nature. This begs the question: why are facilities which exist primarily to perform surgical procedures having such a hard time meeting the minimum industry standards? Better yet, why are they crying foul in response to the requirement that they do so?

Better still, how can the owners of these clinics legitimately argue that a substandard environment in their facilities is in the best interest of women’s health? I don’t know about you, but I would have serious reservations about any physician unable to obtain admitting privileges at a hospital within a thirty-mile radius of his or her practice.

Enough is enough. No one, on either side of the abortion debate, should view a substandard level of care as acceptable. To insist that “access to a safe and legal abortion” is “a woman’s constitutional right” yet turn a blind eye to the need for safety regulation is to be guilty of the ultimate hypocrisy. Women deserve better.